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6 character armies or 10 Unit slot Retinues

TheLoneCenturionTheLoneCenturion Registered Users Posts: 16
As title says it seems impossible to do the 40 stack (or 42 for this game) edit in EditSf (A tool used previously to go into a new save file and change the 20 stack army limit to 40) so I would REALLY love an option to have larger single armies on the map.

I have noticed in previous titles that setting the game to 40 stack size makes the ai much more competitive with its battles and less derpy, not only that but they actually field balanced armies as well. Also a larger army just looks better and is more enjoyable to set up as you will actually have space in the army for some unique builds.

So please CA this should really be a feature in the game, the UI already supports it (also having 2 armies next to eachother has the same effect besides the horrid reinforcement mechanic) so why not just add an option to enable it in game?


  • tjktjk Registered Users Posts: 2
    bump, im interested if it's possible to increase the number of characters/units also
  • leomascileomasci Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4
    I'd like larger armies too, I've tried to edit savegames with editsf, setting the unit limit to 42 but it makes the game crash; maybe there is a "switch" that enables six retinues armies in campaign just like you can do in custom battles...
  • tjktjk Registered Users Posts: 2
    Im guessing theres some other we would have to edit to make it compatable i.e. number of generals in an army
  • emperor_maliemperor_mali Registered Users Posts: 1
    You are absolutely right thelonecenturion. joy of game drops when i am able to control only 18 units per army.
  • KrunchKrunch Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,920
    If you want to practice necromancy I recommend that you check out the Warhammer forums instead.
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