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Hey CA, Isn't it time for that gate or wall bugfix? My unites are glitching in and out of them

GruwskiGruwski Registered Users Posts: 84
edited June 2019 in Feedback & Suggestions
Hello there.
I've spent so long thinking why this have never been call out on, yet i hear it everywhere and from everyone, the gate/wall bug needs to be fixed.
Its the issue of big unites like the examples of a Giants, Dragons, Mammoths or even Tomb Scorpions getting stuck either doing the attack animation on the gatehouse itself or while doing animations close to a wall.
I've played two Tomb Kings campaigns of late and it bothers me so much i have to delete or simply remove unites i love because they can't pass through the gate house or gets stuck through the battle when fighting in tight area's close to the wall / ramparts. Is it possible that you might fix this extremely bothersome issue? I've heard that it has been a big deal even before Shogun (Although i've no idea myself since i have only played Medieval 2 and Warhammer Total War, when that is said and done so i only speak for the errors of the recent Warhammer game itself.)

Here's but 2 of the many images i've taken over the past days playing as the Tomb Kings.




  • Aram_theheadAram_thehead Registered Users Posts: 999
    There are many other siege related bugs that have received no attention at all. Sometimes units stop in front of the wall instead of using the ladders like you told them to do. Then there's that infamous bug that opens the gate and makes it unattackable.
  • GruwskiGruwski Registered Users Posts: 84
    Indeed, its tiresome and I find it really bothersome that its among many very old known issue, yet it keeps getting ignored again and again rather than fixing it.

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