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I lost an Ambush, I clearly won.

FullMetalBunnyFullMetalBunny Registered Users Posts: 7
I'm playing as Sun Jian.
Han Forces have moved in across the river, but my reserve force is too weak to take them on, but they won't attack a city with the reserve.

I setup my army in an Ambush outside the city. Hoping to ambush them with the Reserves to crush them.
1) I just want to say I had to wait OVER 100 seconds for my reinforcements, which seemed way "too long".

Here is my real problem I broke 1 enemy hero and he ran off the map. Crushing his forces. So I decided to camp the "escape zone" figuring the enemy HAS to come into the jaws of death to escape. The game forces me to wait the rest of the 38 minutes in fast forward not conceding the win.

The timer finally runs out and the game tells me I had a Valient Defeat?!?!
What the wtf is this. The came even said my 2 heros were captured and randomed BACK to me. Now the AI just got a boost of reinforcements from the battle instead of being crushed like they should have.



  • QuillbeatsswordQuillbeatssword Registered Users Posts: 20
    Oh I'd be super **** 😑
  • MolgrimMolgrim Registered Users Posts: 21
    If you are attacing you are the one who have to win before time end. Ambush is form of attacking. So it's your mistake.
  • FullMetalBunnyFullMetalBunny Registered Users Posts: 7
    That's insane.

    My Balance of Power is overwhelming.
    I love that they added an "escape zone" for ambush, but what is the point of the "escape zone" if controlling it means nothing?

    If the defender can just kite in the woods and "win" that's stupid. They could have a single cav unit survive uncatchable wearing out the time.

    Especially it telling me my generals were captured and ransomed when you can *see* them surrounded by their retinues.
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