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Future Titles ?

LilShanksLilShanks Registered Users Posts: 2
Thoughts on future titles??
I personally would love a World War TW, given it might be unrealistic it could be split up into two different titles covering the Europe and Pacific theaters. An Empire 2 seems more likely and one I have been waiting on for awhile. Even a true American Civil War game with the new 3K mechanics could be a great title. I guess I just am hoping for another gunpowder to say the least :P. (Although a Medieval 3 wouldn't be bad either!)
Just wanted to start a conversation, as well as state I can't wait for 3K!


  • SiWISiWI Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 10,912
    Well first lets finish 3k and the WH trilogy.

    Also 3k will likely have a "attila" liek offspring, maybe about the obium war.

    After that we could see "Empire 2"/TW Victoria, a Medieval 3 or they could indeed go into the WW's.
  • CommisarCommisar Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,378
    I don't see much chance of a WW TW game, would need such huge changes to the TW formula to fit.

    I would like another Empire TW can see that happening with the improved systems they've added, it really would be nice to have working forts for a gun powder game! But talking with a friend the other night realised it could be Medieval 3 as the next big title history TW as we haven't had one on this engine and have gotten mechanics that would be rather useful for it.

    I wouldn't expect to see the next history title for at least 4 years so maybe the next Saga game will give us a bit more of a hint.
  • SpookycoltSpookycolt Registered Users Posts: 74
    Empire 2...Yes Yes Yes....WWII based or WWI or the civil war...something other than swords and shields for a change.

    Please Please Please!
  • Wolf1987Wolf1987 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 538
    Empire 2 TW or a Victoria TW, that would be my pick.
  • AegismanAegisman Registered Users Posts: 1
    Or try a very different way. Maybe a different unique fantasy, or sci-fi, little bit like stellaris or imperium galactica :smile: Maybe a stone age game. Looots of new way are out there, you should complicate the intricacy systems.
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