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End game annihilation

bonrurgandybonrurgandy Registered Users Posts: 29
Anyone got any advice here?

I've been in several campaigns where towards the end (when im apparently powerful enough to be an emperor) and all of a sudden everyone seems to just want to fight me.

Everyone severs their ties, everyone wants to war unless i give away all my money and lands and stuff for peace. Its happened 3 times now where massive coalitions ive never been able to get into for some reason just all gang up on me at once.

Can't seem to get any kind of vassal army going like Yuan Sho always seems to. Just confused really. Any tips?


  • gonzo100100gonzo100100 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 31
    Well, I’m not exactly there yet but I think I’m getting there as I am almost a king. So, my idea is…

    1. Prioritize vassalizing over annexations and keep good relations with your vassals.

    2. From the beginning prioritize expansion towards areas with natural borders like the ocean for example.

    3. Arrange buffer zones, if you can afford at least one allay who will be between you and your enemies to bring relief to a side of your kingdom.

    In my current playthrough as Sun Jian (the first one) I totally screwed 1st point, I didn’t know that vassals will be that important, in previous Total Wars they weren’t so it’s good to be surprised.

    I executed well the 2nd point, I am pretty much 100% safe in the south and 75% in East and West, but I have a heavy load of countless waves of Duchy of Song vassals coming from the north.

    I also have quite good buffer zones on the west but not great.
  • WtflagWtflag Registered Users Posts: 30
    Make everyone like you (except for the faction you want to eat next).

    Everyone likes food.

    Especially Liu Bei. He is very easy to bribe with food.

  • YaafmYaafm Registered Users Posts: 1,276
    keep your trustworthiness high. Make friends early, keep them, do what they say. Just gotta play nice.
  • bonrurgandybonrurgandy Registered Users Posts: 29
    Yeah trustworthiness is often high until I get bullpenned into betraying someone through alliance negotiations.

    Does trade deals even if neutral contribute to positive alliances with people? I really don't like the idea of being a vassal but perhaps in some scenarios it is needed.

    I also tried the sun Jian campaign and got blown out the water instantly having to fight north and the Han all around me with the AI having clever use of rivers and boats to avoid all my armies so I couldnt take them down, chasing them around the map whilst they sneak in from behind. B*st*rds.

    Some of my favourite ones have been the northern ones because of having that hard border (#brexit) to the north of you. Like gogsun san and Zhang Ran I think it is, really enjoyable. Yuan Shao always seems so OP.

    My other problem with vassals is, I seem to get them, and then they start fighting everybody all the time? and then I end up fighting all these wars with people and then they manage to make peace with the people they started fighting and I end up on the receiving end of stupidly unfavourable odds of peace. Fickle game this is.
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