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No Missions for my Friend and me in Multiplayer

MaddenflowMaddenflow Posts: 1Registered Users
My Friend and I wanted to play as Liu Bei and Cao Cao, but when we started there were no missions showing. We both played till turn 50, but still no missions appearing (Events still happened, like Tao Quian). So we figured we should verify our game and start a new session but there were no missions either. So my Question is: Are there Missions in Multiplayer or did we encounter a Bug?



  • SpaceDunndySpaceDunndy Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hey, I'm having the same issue here. I'm playing as Sun Jian and my friend is playing as Dong Zhuo. There are no missions at the start of the game and I do not have Sun Jian's imperial seal. No matter what happens Dong Zhuo will die regardless of the choices my friend makes. Dilemmas seem to be bugged.
  • BrigadierGrahamBrigadierGraham Junior Member Posts: 42Registered Users
    There is now a fix, by opting into Beta update in steam properties, lobbies are now visible!
    Thank you C.A.
  • PeterxwhatPeterxwhat Posts: 1Registered Users
    Are people still having the issue where they aren't having missions in there Multiplayer?
  • NyalexandreNyalexandre Posts: 1Registered Users
    I've had this issue today. I'm opted into the beta but not sure if my buddy was. I will investigate
  • itsKahGehitsKahGeh Posts: 1Registered Users
    Bump for vision, i'm having the same problem. Restarted our games multiple times, as well as opting in and out of the beta. No initial dilemma missions or follow-up story missions in our co-op campaigns.
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