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Can someone help me make this mod happen thanks

Rune1993Rune1993 Registered Users Posts: 8
edited May 2019 in Community Mods
Hi can someone who is good with making unit mods help me please meaning make this mod for me if you can help i ask as i have tryed myself but it keeps going wrong. Even with tutorials i have aspergurs syndrombe disability this sort of stuff i cant do that well it just confuses me so i am asking for help thanks.

i juat want 1 single new unit a new type of Kroxigor so here is the info basicaly everything on the Kroxigor the size its stats well maybe its health defence and attack and weapon strength will be better will be the exact same as the vampire counts varghulf or giant monster unit playable by the lizardmen only.

so basicaly copy all the stats so on from the varghulf or giant tables in the pack file manager and use them for the stats of the new large Kroxigor unit except make the health attack defence and weapon strength better changing things a bit so it will work.

it can be recruited from the same place as the normal Kroxigor and the name i would call it the siege Kroxigor hope you can help thank you if you can it will only be for personal use thanks if what i ask is confusing please message me.
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