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From the family tree, you can wed other faction characters and bypass diplomacy

fvoronfvoron Posts: 2Registered Users
Hi there,

During my campaign as Cao Cao, I went into the family tree to wed Cao Cao with a new wife. I was surprised that I was able to select Du Anyue, the faction heir of Du faction, and conclude the wedding for as low as 2000 gold. The character then join my faction with all her experience and rare artifacts.

Trying to do the same thing from the Diplomacy, this is a very expensive negotiation (basically, I had to give a region).

I do think then that this inconsistency could be considered as a bug, even if it's possible only for the characters that are related to your family.

Here are a few screenshots to illustrate this (sorry, my game is in French):

Wedding from the family tree:

Wedding from diplomacy:


  • ZowwieZowwie Senior Member Posts: 143Registered Users
    There is something weird with the whole marriage thing. I got eligeble sons ready to marry yet I can initiate recieve/offer marriage when I know the other side has people they want to marry off. Every so often I get offers to have someone married to them, but they are poor fits and when I then go and ask them for marriage that person they just wanted to marry off and there's no option to initiate.

    It's like if you have X people married to other states then you can't initiate any marriages any more. At times I had three family girls and several young men and the only times I could marry them off was when the AI initiated this with characters that had been single for a while too.
  • SchusselSchussel Posts: 747Registered Users
    Well she was married to your cousin and therefore available in your Familiy tree
    so its absolutely correct that you can select her via the marry faction member for 2000 Gold opition
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