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Diplomatic bug or is this how it's supposed to look like ? ( Spoiler alert )

AggieCaratheneAggieCarathene Posts: 4Registered Users
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So I became one of the 3 emperors and one of my rivals had awfully many vassals dangerously close to my borders so I decided to bribe them all to turn against their master by supporting retrieving their independence. It took me 6 turns and all of my savings plus hero items plus some food to make it done. All set now I can declare a war against him and make his life hell.... or so I thought. In short, they indeed forced their master to get liberated after I declared a war on his faction but instead of declaring the war on him too and help me they all answered to his call for help before the liberation and declared a war to me remaining at peace with him ! I'm sorry for saying this but wtf. If that's how it's supposed to look like then I'm propably done with three kingdoms because I was planning to do this for a long time and it ended up emptying my treasury just to be at war with a half of China.
I don't know how to check on this forum if somebody responded to my post, that's why please contact me by email mine is [email protected] or via steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/Aggielity whether you're a support staff member or anyone that knows the solution to my problem and is willing to help.

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  • SchusselSchussel Posts: 747Registered Users
    The proble is that you understood the whole thing wrong

    There are two ways for a vassal to get independet
    ask for permission (and pay his master for it)
    or declareing independence from the master
    and start a war for independence against the master

    the aggreement to support another factions independence
    only targets at the 2nd case

    If you got that agreement with a vassal
    and that that vassal declares himself independent and a war for independence starts you will join that
    war on the side of the former vassal against his former master.

    But you have to wait till they decided to end their vassal status
    you can't force them into independence
  • AggieCaratheneAggieCarathene Posts: 4Registered Users
    So it is supposed to look like that after all. That kinda doesn’t make sense, I thought that the sooner they get independent the better, that’s why each one of them wanted a small fortune to accept the intrigue deal so I can start the rebellion whenever I see fit. Turns out I have to wait till one of them gets in the mood to do so lol, if he ever gets in that mood that is. That means it’s probably not possible to turn all of his vassals against him at once, which means I’ve wasted tons of gold and resources for every vasslised faction but the one that declares a war on his master first because the rest of them will obviously declare a war on me anyway, despite the agreement. Poorly designed diplomatic feature if you ask me. Very poorly.
    Nonetheless thanks for explaining this to me in details mate
  • AggieCaratheneAggieCarathene Posts: 4Registered Users
    I just hope that at least the great relations with nearly every of his vassals will have a impact on their decision to join a war alongside him against me or not, otherwise making sure they like me was a waste of time and resources too ... and here I thought threee kingdoms will be better than the previous Total Wars
  • SchusselSchussel Posts: 747Registered Users
    I think it is perfectly designed

    the other factions do not only exist to fill the map now but have own intrest intentions etc.
    gives diplomacy a much realer fealing

  • AggieCaratheneAggieCarathene Posts: 4Registered Users
    With all due respect, how’s that perfectly designed ? I just explained to you why it’s not and you just denied my statement without further explanation why I’m wrong most likely because it is the right to do as a total war fan. Alright I get it, I’m their fan too and I don’t take it lightly to criticize them but I suppose it’s necessary. Here’s why. Isn’t it in their interest to get liberated ? By not taking this deal seriously it doesn’t look for me like a political arena with men of a word but a playground for kids where you promise one thing but do something completely different because it feeds your desires more. Unless a faction leader has a treacherous personality I find this kind of attitude to the matter illogical
  • edaviesedavies Posts: 12Registered Users
    edited June 2019
    I've "supported independence" dozens of times and the vassal never actually does anything, ever.

    The AI faction controlling the emperor is also apparently able to vassalize vast swathes of the country without any wars at all. Seems very OP to me.
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