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Arni's mods

Bumblebee3012Bumblebee3012 Posts: 18Registered Users
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Hi there, just thought I'd put the few minor mods I made so far out here as well.

1) Ma Teng got garrisons

This tiny mod just adds a garrison to Ma Teng's unique building since I feel it's pretty dumb getting unique garrison buildings without any units at all.
Download: Dropbox

2) Yuan Shu got shields

This small mod adds shields to Yuan Shu's unique units ,the Rapid Tiger Infantry and the Warriors of the Left. The Rapid Tiger Infantry even mentions having shields in their description, I guess they were forgotten during development.The units will also receive all stat buffs that come with shields, namely missile block chance and the ability to form shieldwall and circle formations. Unit cards for both styles are included.
Download: Dropbox

3) Armoured Pearl & Yellow Dragons

This one changes to Pearl Dragons and Yellow Dragons to have more armour. The change is affecting both their visuals and their stats, though I tried giving them not the heaviest of armours to make their fast movements still somewhat believable. Personally I just didn't like the thought of elite units wearing just tunics to battle, the pajama warriors should stay in Rome I. Unit cards for the alternate style are included.
Now also includes better armoured Heavy Spear Guards, though their stats remain unchanged.
Download: Dropbox

4) Terminator Unit Pack

My first new units for TW:3K and I plan to eventually expand this into a unit pack similar to the one I did for Attila, however this will only really begin once offical tools are out.
Sapphire Dragons: high tier melee cavalry unlocked by the same technology as the yellow dragons (so rather late unless you rush it)
Emerald Dragons: well armoured hybrid unit with crossbows, swords and shields; unlocked by the technology 'Way of great peace'
Guardians of the Celestial Empire: very heavy unit with a huge unit size (450 men on extreme), elite guard availible once you become emperor, limited to 2 units for the campaign. Very expensive yet very powerful, has both glaive infantry and dedicated archers shooting oil arrows within a single unit
Unit cards for the alternate style are included.
Download: Dropbox


All files are in movie type, so you just need to drop them into your Total War THREE KINGDOMS/data folder and it'll work. Once the steam workshop version is up I recommend removing them.

They are compatible with savegames, feel free to add or remove them whenever you like (except the Sapphire Dragons, removing those once they were recruited will likely cause issues).


Rapid Tiger Infantry

Warriors of the Left


Pearl Dragons

Heavy Spear Guards

Sapphire Dragons

Sapphire Dragons

Emerald Dragons

Emerald Dragons

Guardians of the Celestial Empire

Guardians of the Celestial Empire

Guardians of the Celestial Empire

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  • mitthrawnuruodomitthrawnuruodo Junior Member Posts: 1,682Registered Users
    edited June 7
    Nicely done!!

    May I know how you decoded composed_entities table? Does yours look like this?

  • Bumblebee3012Bumblebee3012 Posts: 18Registered Users
    Sure, I'm using the Rusted PackFile Manager found here, it already works for a lot of new tables.
  • mitthrawnuruodomitthrawnuruodo Junior Member Posts: 1,682Registered Users
    Thanks. Will check it out.
  • Bumblebee3012Bumblebee3012 Posts: 18Registered Users
    Yes mine like almost exactly like those in your screenshot, except the 'unknown' fields are called 'new field'. I found out through testing and comparing that the 'unknown4' field is apparently required to implement mounts.
  • Bumblebee3012Bumblebee3012 Posts: 18Registered Users
    Just a heads up if you downloaded the Sapphire & Emerald Dragons before the time of this comment there was a missing entry preventing them from appearing in the recruitment pool once unlocked, please download again and overwrite the old version.
  • TeargrantsTeargrants Posts: 37Registered Users
    Really liking the Emerald Dragons. Question though, is there any way to modify them so that they switch to melee weapons drawn when you turn 'Fire at Will' off? Currently they just hold their crossbows at the ready no matter what, until you order them to melee attack an enemy unit.

    If you look @ the Azure Dragons in game, toggling fire at will on/off causes them to switch between drawing their halberds vs bows. I've been poking around w/ the PFM but can't find anything that looks like it controls that.

    Another thing that's been bugging me is how they hold the tower shield just tilted on its side when they run w/ it out when not engaged in combat. I know the vanilla yellow turban Watchmen unit has the same problem. Is there any way to fix it so they hold the shield the same way as the Heavy Spear Guards do when marching?
  • Bumblebee3012Bumblebee3012 Posts: 18Registered Users
    Hi, glad you like them. Concerning the shield animations a possible solution would be creating a new animation table by replacing their current shield animation fragments with those of the spear guards. I actually tried creating a new animation set like that since my original plan for them was to use repeating crossbows instead of normal ones and also enable them to use the 'testudo' formation so they can get close enough to use them effectively; but what worked in older titles didn't apply here so any animation changes will likely only be possible for me once someone more into animation modding cracks that nut.
    Changing their weapon instantly on clicking fire at will is also something I'd like to happen, and I can only guess that it'd require changed animation fragments as well, though that is not the highest of priorites since they do actually switch weapons when required, e.g. upon entering combat or the first few ranks in the mixed missile formation.
  • TeargrantsTeargrants Posts: 37Registered Users
    Yeah, that’s what I figured for the shield. I too actually tried giving them turtle formation, then noticed they just stood in formation with their crossbows out instead of shields.
  • Bumblebee3012Bumblebee3012 Posts: 18Registered Users
    Yes, and giving them shieldwall as a substitute looked great when standing still but since there is no moving animation fragment they would just glide over the ground in their standing animation.
  • folkbluefolkblue Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited June 11
    What a great collection! I've tried the sapphrie dragons out today. Real enjoyed this unit.
  • Bumblebee3012Bumblebee3012 Posts: 18Registered Users
    Thanks, glad you like them! Just updated with a new unit and a better unit card for the Sapphire Dragons.
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