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Anyone who can help changing the colors of special units?

Boerni86Boerni86 Posts: 51Registered Users
I know how to change faction colors but not how to change the colors of special units, changing the rgb values of the respective unit under the unit_variants_colours_tables dosen't seem work.

I wanted to try out Liu Biao but I have a low tolerance for that garish bright yellow :s


  • Bumblebee3012Bumblebee3012 Posts: 18Registered Users
    Hmm the tables you mentioned are exactly what does the trick for me, though there are some items that won't be affected. I suppose that's including Liu Biao.
  • Boerni86Boerni86 Posts: 51Registered Users
    I changed the colours to match Liu Biao's faction colors but ingame they are still yellow:

    I also tried swapping around with the variant meshes, but that just changed the armor and equipment, the tunics stayed bright yellow.
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