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Total War game for the transition period from Western Han to Eastern Han (8- 25)

poromeporome Registered Users Posts: 12
I suggest to have Total War game for the transition period from Western Han to Eastern Han (8- 25)
This era is the Warring period in china when the pretender name Wang Mang hold the coup d’etat to seize the Han throne

This era is the time of many warlords and revolts . Here is the factions list

Xin Dynasty: Usurper Wang Mang seize the throne from Han but he only control the area of Chang An

Former Western Dynasty: the deposed Han emperor Liu Ying in Xianyang will reclaim the throne or die fighting

Henei faction (Eastern Han Faction after uniting the map): Liu Xiu, the royal member revolt in Henei. If he win, he will become the Guangwu Emperor of Eastern Han in the history

The Red Eyebrow peasant revolt army in Taishan: They also have their own candidate in Liu Royal clan for the Han throne

The Green Wood revolt army: a.k.a Lulin, the word will latter become the synonym for all type “bandit, robber” in Chinese. This revolt army is made of the combination of many Liu royal members in Nanyang

The Lingnan faction: the southernmost Vietnamese ( Yue people) faction of Han Empire is independence under the leadership of two bravest female warriors Ladies Trung ( trưng) – elder sister Trung Trac (Trưng Trắc) as king and younger sister Trung Nhi (Trưng Nhị) as viceroy. This faction is powerful with many female generals than any other factions in the map (other factions don’t have any female general or warrior).

The independence revolt peasant armies around map such as Qingdu in Shanxi) or Tongma (Bronze horse) in Hebei, Yu Lai, Daishan, Yu Fang, Wu Xiao….

And now there are the prominent rival factions for those big factions above:

Wang Chang: a.k.a Wang Chang , Emperor of Zhao, base in Handan (Hebei)
Liu Yong: Emperor of Liang in Suiyang (Henan)

Zhu Wei in Luoyang

Wei Xiao in Tianshui, Ganshu

Gongsun Shu, Emperor of Chengjia in Sichuan

Liu Jia, cousin of Liu Xiu in Xiabian, Wudu
Lu Fang in Anding , Gansu
Deng Feng, maternal relative of Liu Xiu in Yuyang, Henan
Zhang Bu, Prince of Qi in Langya
Su Mou, Prince of Huaiyang, locate in Guangyue
Tian Rong, Prince of Zhou Town, located in Yiling
Zhang Feng in Zhuo District
Li Xian, Prince of Huainan in Lujiang
Dong Xian in Liang Prefecture, base in Tancheng
Pang Meng , Prince of Dongping in Pengcheng
Yun Sun in Yan District in Henan
Yan Cen in Nanzheng
Dong Xin in Nanyang
Peng Chong in Yuyang, Hebei
Fan Qiang in Xifeng, Shanyang, Shandong
Qin Feng, Prince of Chu Li in Nanjun (Present Yicheng), Jingzhou
Qiang, Di tribes in the West
Xianbei, Wuhuan, in Northeast
Southern Xiongnu in North Shanxi
Northern Xiongnu in north frontier
Xiyu city states:
Qiuci (Kucha), Yanqi (Kashgar), Yutian (Khotan), Lou Lan (Shanshan)
Goguryeo in Korea
Buyeo in Manchu
Okjeo, Dongye in Manchu
Lelang Commandery

Small Korean states such as Bianhan, Mahan, Jinhan,


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