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The wooden warrior is too strong and zhao yun is too weak

zhaojitingzhaojiting Registered Users Posts: 6
Now in the ladder of the game, the wooden warrior is too strong, and the golden guard is too weak. You should ask the wooden warriors not to reject one-on-one hit, so that the gold sentry can show their value. And now the game is too weak zhao yun, zhaoyun is clearly the Chinese people love the hero.


  • dktledktle Registered Users Posts: 7
    Zhao Yun's equipment is bugged making him very weak in multiplayer.

    Look at his unique sword, it reduces his armour by 50. This sword is meant to be armour piercing in the novels so i think its supposed to add 50 armour penetration.

    In campaign he uses a generic spear and is much stronger.
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