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Fame victory makes you go wide.

MetalC0MmanderMetalC0Mmander Registered Users Posts: 61
edited May 2019 in General Discussion
Pretty late at this point to expect changes in the game I know but nothing's stopping me from posting so...

I get that it was changed because it was too easy but as it is right now it really doesn't feel like there's much of a difference going for a fame rather than a kingdom victory. It's also pretty similar between campaign as it feels like every faction must get St. Dewi, St. Rigan or both to win it.

The way I see it there's a couple ways to fix this. Making us build up was a nice way to make sure we would be ready for the final challenge but I'm not sure we also need to run all around the map for it. Alternatively if going somewhat wide is important then it could be a list of different buildings and we'd only need to get a certain amount of them to win. And finally could it be that have we don't always have to go for the same 6 or 7 saint buildings at least for the sake of variety.


  • Emperor_NapoleonEmperor_Napoleon Registered Users Posts: 122
    Total War is pretty much designed to play wide. Playing tall is not viable, because all it means is that your rivals will get bigger and put you at a disadvantage. Plus there's just not much to do playing tall. You can build stuff and research technology and... that's about it. If the game had the strong character and politics focus of something like Crusader Kings 2 it'd be different, but unfortunately it doesn't. The only Total War game where it's slightly viable to play tall is Attila.
  • MetalC0MmanderMetalC0Mmander Registered Users Posts: 61
    Thing is the fame victory type was added to as a reason to play tall and from what I heard it was viable if boring as sin. So I can get if it had to be changed but I think they went overboard at this point. For example as Northymbre I need to get territory that belong to East Engle, Westernas, Athfochla and Dewet so if I don't separate my armies and rush those regions I increase the risks of having to fight a superpower like Wessex and all their resources to get them which isn't much more fun in my opinion.

    As I said, I feel one of the best way they could have changed the condition would have been going for a certain number of buildings from a list. That way we could choose how to expand. Also it's kinda strange which buildings are currently necessary for a win as they sometimes skip unique buildings that are in the way meaning the possibility for even weirder expansions.
  • sunshinetroopersunshinetrooper Registered Users Posts: 68
    Thematically it makes sense, to get the ultimate victory you need to own all the famous buildings in the land.

    Mechanics wise, it's not good. It's just ultimate victory dressed up. Yes you only need what one place from Ireland, bit when you are powerful enough to do so, you can take it and sue for peace.
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