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Are there any City/Region building guides?

EdemardilEdemardil Posts: 2Registered Users
I'm playing as Geats and I've been having trouble in Scandza. I've got that, all of Britain and a few other cities on lock down but now Scandza is constantly going under civil war and disease.

I found a guide here for that reason that stated:

My build for Scandza:

1. Trade Port
2. Mead Hall
3. Granary
4. Trade Depot (Food+Commerce line with +10% bonus to all building income)
5. Warlord's Hold (leave at T3)

1. Trade Port
2. Goats
3. Wells

But the problem is, that I cannot build a Trade Depot, Mead Hall and Warlord's Hold in my city (Hrefnesholt). Is there something I am missing? Right now in that capital I have City, Trade Port, Empty Lot, Town Centre (I just rebuilt it), Stores, Town Centre (Just built). The empty lot will not let my build a town center. Please help.

Also are there any resources for the best buildings for each region of the map? Britain has been fairly easy and I've never had problems there but I have problem with all the christians now.


  • EdemardilEdemardil Posts: 2Registered Users
    Like what was that guy thinking? Is it because there are only really two paths to the Town Centre so I can only have two?
  • AttillaAttilla Posts: 10Registered Users
    This is same for all the factions you can have one building from each building branch. It's a balancing design I believe so you can not stack different tier buildings from the same branch.
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