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Genuine Feedback-2 points (when I am sieged, or force march mechanics)

The_best_PaulThe_best_Paul Registered Users Posts: 1
One! - If the AI is trying to starve me out, I should be given a chance to sally forth before I take attrition, just as they are. Whether you have to design a pop-up choice when they attack you that is "wait" or "sally forth" in the mid turn section, i dont care. give players a 1 turn boost to supplies, so that we at least have an option to sally forth at full strength. many times will i be attacked, and it is hopeless. But I know that i can fight a tough battle, and cause casualties, giving my nearby reinforcements a chance to fight an easier battle. or maybe my garrison force CAN win a battle you see me losing. I just want a chance before you force me to take a whole unit plus worths of attrition, to fight my foes. ok that is complaint one. NEXT. If an enemy army is force marched, why can they retreat? I should be able to kill them. If I cant fight in a forced march mode, the enemy shouldnt be able to retreat from a forced march mode. It is BS. It is unfair to force people into a nonstop chase mode where they have to follow an enemy or raise an army in a whack spot to try and kill a rogue army they already jacked up.Obviously I cant catch them due to their BS campaign movement, so they just run run run every turn. But My army cant afford to be away from the front line. The AI already has mega economy buffs. please work some fixes in. AI doesnt need to cheat in normal mode. let it bbe dumb then implement cheats in hard and legendary.


  • lylinlylin Member Registered Users Posts: 107
    Regarding the forced march, it works both ways (you can also retreat in force march).

    FWIW you can easily workaround the (very annoying) retreat problem by hitting backspace to stop your character from moving when you're in their zone of control. This will force them to either attack you next turn or more likely, they'll garrison. Minimally, you stop them from endlessly retreating.
  • Skarsnik_De_EmperorSkarsnik_De_Emperor Registered Users Posts: 1,832
    Use mod. You guys playing legendary difficulty already ruined Warhammer games by cancelling force march retreat. Thousands playing normal / hard difficulty suffer because of you cannot reload but they can.
  • Josh_CAJosh_CA Registered Users, CA Staff Posts: 44
    Hey, thanks for raising this, we're aware of both of those issues and we're currently looking into them. There's not anything more I can confidently say yet because it is in the investigation phase, but I'll do my best to keep you updated when I know more.
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