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Empire Divided is freezes and forces me to shutdown PC during the zoom battle option, then reboot.

agenthunkagenthunk Posts: 86Registered Users
edited June 2019 in General Discussion
lately it has been freezing when it shows the engage zoom effect then when you hit battle x mark it freezes....
You know the little zoom everytime you engage the enemy?and you get the options to fight or retreat...it keeps freezing when I get ready to hit fight or hit fight.

I have enough RAM and memory and power to run this game and Direct X 12 ready to go.

if this game is crashing due to direct x 11 then why the **** is it not updated to direct x 12 yet?
Im not using betas in steam,Im currently on the opt out of all betas option in steam.

I don't want to hear it is my PC.....

my PC is fine....

I have Asus ROG GL702ZC Dual Channel 32GB memory
Ryzen 7 1700 and RX580
Radeon 19.6.1
Direct X 12 Supported Laptop
Windows 10 64-bit

No mods

As a further note I attached the crash files that are older...may not be relevant to this current game session,since I do not know if there is a log file somewhere.
everytime it freezes I have to hit hard boot and shut down then boot back up PC.

Ultra/extreme graphics settings

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  • BebopanonymousBebopanonymous Posts: 27Registered Users
    Thats a major bummer, I hope someone experienced can help you out with that. I don't have any original ideas other than the common troubleshooting like reinstall, check drivers, etc, but at least i'll give you a free bump.
  • agenthunkagenthunk Posts: 86Registered Users
    edited June 2019
    thanks,I found a solution by reducing shadows to medium and sky and water to ultra.

    but that is unnacceptable....
    I want all the eyecandy....
    the company needs to replace DX11 with DX12 asap.
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