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What would you suggest?

ChrisTWChrisTW Posts: 203Registered Users
I'm aiming to buy a new gpu next month

The navi 5700 or th 5700XT are my choices.

Which card would you prefer for your total war satisfaction?

I'm mainly on 1080p and i'm hoping that the 5700 will offer an 80% increase over the 1060 3gb
this calculation comes fort out of the notion that the 2060 is about 60% faster then the 1060 and the 5700 should be around 15 to 20% faster then the 2060, with 2 gb more
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  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,338Registered Users
    There is a long history of companies lying their ass off to sell ****. I'd suggest waiting to see benchmarks before I buy the bridge.

    Either of them should certainly suffice for 1080p TW gaming, more than suffice, but one should always get information before deciding, and press releases are not information.
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