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Lord and hero level wizards

yolordmcswagyolordmcswag Registered Users Posts: 1,932
There is something that has been bugging me slightly ever since the game was released, and that is the way wizards power level works. Basically, a wizard's spellcasting ability is much more reliant on their level compared to the warrior characters.

This is seen the most clearly with units such as necromancer and master necromancer. If they are the same level, and have the same skill choices, they will be identical in spellcasting ability. Compared to this, in TT a necromancer was a level 1/2 wizard, while a master necromancer was a level 3/4 wizard.

This also causes some strange situations where a high level skink priest is a better spellcaster than a low level Slann, which is very unloreful. It also makes, IMO, certain lord types slightly redudant. Some lord-level spellcasters like supreme sorceress only advantage is better mounts. I think that if you pick a supreme sorceress it should mainly be because you want a better spellcaster, not because you want a dragon.

I have been thinking a bit about solutions to this proplem, but it's difficult without fundamentally changing the way the game works in one way or another. I do have one suggestion however; Reworking the character system slightly.

My idea is inspired by three kingdoms, but it's not like there. I'm not thinking about introducing retinues, simply that you can pick any character in your army to be the leader (with exceptions like assassins etc). This would essentially remove the lord/hero distinction,making it closer to TT where heroes could lead armies.

What does this mean for wizards? My thinking was that most wizards would start with a limited spell selection, either limited to certain spells, or a certain number but could choose freely. However, upon reaching a certain level they could be upgraded through a quest (like grail wovs sort of) to a lord level type, so mage->archmage, battle wizard->wizard lord etc. The high level wizards would then have more spells available, and could be the only ones with skills like arcane conduit.

This would also give more meaning to units like Slann, as a newly awakened Slann would start with the "higher level" and have a larger spell selection from level 1, while certain "weak mages" like skink priests or ghoul kings could never reach the upgraded mage version.

What do you think of this, do you have other suggestions, or are you happy with the system as it is?

TL DR; lord level spellcasters should have stronger magic abilities than hero level ones, how can this be solved?


  • uriakuriak Registered Users Posts: 3,421
    They started with a better skill selection for lord casters, but maybe they could go further

    -> baked in WoM bonus for lord casters compared to heroes
    -> Make their magic spells cost only one single point for all bonuses, maybe. Or have most spell unlocked at start and skills being only WoM and CD reductions
    -> Add a few yellow skills that go further to what heroes can get.

    Now the issue is mostly valid for pure caster lords, and remains the issue of where to put the balance. Ikkit Claw showed there could be an unhealthy amounts of buffs applied to some spells in the game.
  • NariacNariac Registered Users Posts: 248
    they could give all the lord level wizards things like greater arcane conduit, or perhaps some kind of bound spell to go with their spell selection.
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