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what culture pack to buy

TangerinaTangerina Posts: 12Registered Users
so steam sales are coming and i want to buy some dlc for attilla tw that are for factions
pls rate the ones by how fun u can get in the campaign



  • FungusHoundFungusHound Posts: 1,836Registered Users
    This is the Warhammer forum. We will gladly recommend Warhammer DLC but I believe you want to have the mods move you to another subforum.

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  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKPosts: 35,499Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
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  • HerrickHerrick Posts: 164Registered Users
    My ranking:

    1.- Celts: had a wonderful time migrating to gaul and creating my gaulic empire like their ancestors. RIP Vercingetorix.
    Campaign replayability: only one campaign feel like you experienced everything
    Con: playing with only one faction feels enough, the rest are the same and in the same location.

    2.- Desert kingdoms: every faction is very unique, great start positions and you have religious dilemas.
    Camping replayability: 5 tries

    3.- Viking forefathers: you can either expand into Britania, Russia or germany.
    Campaign replayability: 3 tries
    Con: they have the same roster as the Saxons.... Just play with the saxons, it's the same, the only difference is the location.

    4.- longbeards: provides very interesting campaign dilemas, you are not a horde, so you should create your German empire outside of the Roman empire.
    Campaign replayability: 2
    Cons: almost the same German roster as the others, close start positions.

    5.- Slavic: also have unique campaign dilemas, they play very distinctively than any other factions, you are supposed to defend the eastern front from the huns, recolonize and make farms.
    Campaign replayability: 2
    Cons: you are only fighting the huns all of the time, lack of diversity for enemies.

    I ranked the dlc's depending on the fun I had with the factions, I had a very great campaign with the ebdani and with the geats, that's why I ranked them high. I didn't put desert factions on number 1 because Himyar was the only faction that called my attention, I didn't like axum or the tanukids.

    I tried to write down pros and cons of each dlc, and I told my own subjective opinion on how I enjoyed the game. In the end pick the dlc if you like the culture or starting location.

  • TangerinaTangerina Posts: 12Registered Users

    This is the Warhammer forum. We will gladly recommend Warhammer DLC but I believe you want to have the mods move you to another subforum.

    @dge1 I SUMMON THEE.

    It might be to u but in my tw forum it says general discussion in attila total war
  • TangerinaTangerina Posts: 12Registered Users

    Moved to the Attila forum.

    Who are u the flash u are litteraly in all my discussion

    Thx for everything
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