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Does CA's proposed "chapter packs" DLC hint at their next big project?

LaytonBhoyLaytonBhoy Junior MemberPosts: 165Registered Users
I love this game, and I am looking forward to buying every update for it.

Today I was reading about their proposed "chapter pack" DLC plans and it dawned on me ....

Romance mode already has the look and feel of a certain book and TV series ... it's in the little things. The interplay between characters. Retinues instead of standing armies. Treachery and backstabbing. Political intrigue. Alliances and coalitions, which rise and fall and come apart and reform again ... major characters capable of great feats of valour.

And now chapter packs, letting you pick up the story at different points.

It all sounds very familiar to me ... it's a lot like a certain modification for Crusader Kings II ... the Westeros one.

Once Warhammer wraps up, it is the obvious choice for the next fantasy title.

In short, are we getting hints that the Thrones franchise is going to get the game it deserves? Only CA and Total War can pull this off, and everyone knows it. The worry always was that the games have always focussed on empire building rather than character interaction. That has changed radically with this game.

I'm reading Fire And Blood right now, about the Targaryen dynasty, and that story alone lends itself to a dozen chapter packs. The Blackfyre rebellion, the Iron Islands going up against Robert Baratheon, Robert's own war ... Westerosi history is teeming with various campaigns that would make excellent games.

On top of that, every region is split into individual Houses, and these too war and fall out and rise and fall. There would be no end of scope for a Westeros Total War ... it would be phenomenal and now all the infrastructure is in place. All the necessary elements are in the games already, from the Chaos invasions which could perfectly mimick the White Walkers attacks, to the inclusion of dragons, giants, magic and everything else ... we might even see some of the elements which have been teased in the books but never made it onto the show like the ice-spiders and the wolf packs roaming the woods and attacking soldiers from the various armies. Just the idea of going the Brotherhood Without Banners makes me smile.

Only CA can give this franchise the game it deserves, I cannot say that enough times.

If they aren't already pitching this and trying for it, I'll be amazed, I really will be.


  • BreadboxBreadbox Posts: 780Registered Users
    edited June 20
    Probably not, but I’m waiting for the day where TW finally implement feudalism, inheritance and (real)factions within factions to truly capture the Medieval feel.

    Pretty ironic if a fantasy title is the first to take the step despite 2 medieval titles before it.

    I hope the campaign would be great departure from the map painting rule them all style of every previous TW game. You cannot directly hold everything you conquer, but through diplomacy, war and appointing the right people(claimants) you secure vassals or allies which provides additional levies.
    You are never truly secure in your position, rebellions would result in entire provinces breaking off instead of the tweety bird rebellions now.

    Seriously, make the rebellions recruit enough forces before attacking the cities good god.

    Might be too much of a departure for the casual audience, but it makes me happy just by thinking about it.
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  • Misaka_ComplexMisaka_Complex Posts: 1,466Registered Users
    edited June 20
    I might be wrong but I assume that "chapter packs" mean a different starting era such as the battle of GuanDu.
  • Whiskeyjack_5691Whiskeyjack_5691 Posts: 2,403Registered Users
    edited June 20
    3K is getting "Chapter Packs"... and books have chapters... and Game of Thrones is a book... Total War: Game of Thrones confirmed!

    That's quite a leap.
  • dreagondreagon Senior Member Posts: 1,886Registered Users
    No, you're reading far to much into this. At best it's reference to the fact that this game is partly based on a book so starting at a later point in time is similar to starting at a later chapter in a book.
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  • takilung31takilung31 Posts: 1,318Registered Users
    Chapters as in ROTK, you got confused by that wording

    Anyone who is familar with 3K history will know what this mean, especially if they played ROTK

  • ComradCommodoreComradCommodore Senior Member Posts: 417Registered Users
    edited June 20
    Honestly I think it would be the next logical point for a game in this series

    Would itch the medieval 3 scratch so many people have had for along time, while still staying in the fantasy realm for the Warhammer crowd (army of the undead / dragons)

    GoT is character driven, and I think TK has set up a great road map for future titles with that in mind (I can just imagine me having Jamie Lannister massacring everyone in duels 😈)

    Wouldn't be any complaints about unit diversity , Westeros army's all look different, and Essos and beyond really opens up the door for creativity

    Strike while the iron is hot, right? The shows ending has soured the taste in alot of people's mouths, but a game based in that world with total war mechanics would be amazing....but I mean I said the same thing about Lord of the Rings and have yet too see that so here we are haha
  • RikisRikis Posts: 1,095Registered Users
    Not expecting honestly, maybe for a future total war release on its own but not part as a 3K dlc.

    What I expect to see is different starting times. I wouldn't be surprised to see one starting at the actual 3 kingdoms when Cao Pi kicks off the whole 3 way kingdom brawl by declaring himself emperor.

    Another I wouldn't be surprised to see is during the actual Yellow Turban Rebellion at its peak.

    Maybe even different eras like the warring states or the uprising of the 5 barbarians.
  • markp27markp27 Posts: 1,264Registered Users
    edited June 20

    Chapters as in ROTK, you got confused by that wording

    Anyone who is familar with 3K history will know what this mean, especially if they played ROTK

    Rise of heroes era was pure madness :D

    For those that never played ROTK it was an era where every hero was in your city at the start and all warlords were on the map. Cities were soon overcrowded with heroes.
  • WhiteHorseMemesWhiteHorseMemes Posts: 331Registered Users

    Chapters as in ROTK, you got confused by that wording

    Anyone who is familar with 3K history will know what this mean, especially if they played ROTK

    >Liu Bei flees

    This could be about dozens of different chapters. :D
  • markp27markp27 Posts: 1,264Registered Users
    edited June 21

    Chapters as in ROTK, you got confused by that wording

    Anyone who is familar with 3K history will know what this mean, especially if they played ROTK

    >Liu Bei flees

    This could be about dozens of different chapters. :D
    True, he spent so much time in the saddle he grew fat :D
    His words not mine :p
  • SmashBrownSmashBrown Posts: 46Registered Users
    TW: LotR please
  • DestinDestin Junior Member Posts: 193Registered Users
    I was against the idea of a GoT Total War before 3K since diplomacy and politics are so important to that world but now after 3K I really think it could be possible and that it would be awesome done right.

    I have been working on alittle concept of a GoT TW that I have been thinking on posting here on the forum or on the subreddit, but it's still pretty messy and way to long. But if the chapter packs in 3K is I think they will it could fit well into a possible GoT TW aswell with the various rebellions and wars(The Andal Invasion, War of the Five Kings, Century of Blood in Essos etc.). I do however think the overall campaign should be focused on a Age of Heroes style campaign when all the Kingdoms still where not established, so your goal is to conquer your kingdom first and then unite the all the kingdoms, and the endgame could be a invasion of the Others.

    The Court system could be expanded upon and would be perfect for this game, spying fits very well with discrediting the the leader and making the more ambitions Lords rebelling. Succession struggles could also be a interesting thing that no other TW really has done, since it was often problem with succession that lead to many civil wars, especially in Game of Thrones. I see so many possibilites but I think the main problems is that it would be a "fantasy" game but really it's not. The only fantasy elements would possibly be the Others with their army of the undead and Giants. I don't think dragons could be done in this kind of game since dragons in this world is equal to nukes, and with no dragons some people would be upset. Magic dons't really work aswell.
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  • Misaka_ComplexMisaka_Complex Posts: 1,466Registered Users
    I wonder what it would be like if total war makes a WW2 game, I played over 1k hours of Hearts of Iron 4 from Paradox.
  • SmashBrownSmashBrown Posts: 46Registered Users
    TW: LotR please
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