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Should I get Three Kingdoms, Warhammer, or something else?

ZakimiyarsZakimiyars Registered Users Posts: 1
I'm a really, really slow learner when it comes to strategy games. So if I decide to get into this series, I'll want to start with the most accessible and intuitive game in the series, preferably one with a really good tutorial that explains as much of the game as possible. Which game do you think I should get? And are there any YouTube guides that cover the most basic of basics, and slowly build to the more advanced stuff?


  • SilverMaidSilverMaid Registered Users Posts: 43
    I'd say Three Kingdoms makes much more of an effort to teach you the game and it's mechanics. At the same time, it requires way more things to learn compared to the somewhat simplistic campaign in Warhammer. I don't think that should be your deciding factor though.

    Warhammer offers spectacular over the top battles with dragons, orcs, magic and all that good fantasy stuff. There is much more diversity in combat and races while 3K focuses on interesting characters, giving meaningful choices, an infinitely better diplomacy system, spy networks and an amazing setting in china's Three Kingdoms period.

    3K only just released and will need more polishing to realize all of it's potential but I definitely enjoy both a lot.
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