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TW: divergent customizable/sandbox history

MartialAtheistMartialAtheist Registered Users Posts: 7
Imagine a TW game set where you had the option of truly altering surface elements of the nation/faction territory and society/culture you control.
So, instead of controlling High Elves, medieval England or the Pueblo Nation, and everything you do is in the interests of your race or kingdom or chiefdom, acquiring land and power while upholding the status quo and traditional cultural elements of your people, instead, as you attain power and exert influence throughout the game you could gradually customize and remake the name, flag or banner, colour scheme, motto and all other surface elements of your faction? You could rename the country, turn it from a kingdom into a republic or dictatorship or some other model, alter the national symbol and heraldry etc.
You could do this to make the faction truly original as a fictional historical geo-political powerbase. But the extent to which you could change stuff would depend on elements of internal diplomacy and intrigue and how much loyalty and devotion you inspire in your subjects, fellow countrymen and the general populace.
If the game had a character-centric mechanic like 3K, you could also customize the Lord character. so, you could control medieval Spain, for example, create a Joan of Arc-type young female "lord" and by acquiring power and commanding loyalty, gradually replace the monarchy with a form of communism, renaming the country whatever you want. You could control England and gradually replace the monarchy with a Protestant theocracy, naming it something biblical, or gradually replace the church with a return to Druidic paganism and become an Arthurian-based kingdom with pagan-elements.
It would be like the never-materialised unit editor for TW: N, except it applies to every surface element of the Faction, and a few non-surface ones, allowing you to rewrite history.
Multiplayer battles would then look like a Total War: Mugen mash-up of original fictional countries or states

Is this possible, and would you want to see it?


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