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Battle review and cinematic videos, replays supplied by players

SpectorSpector Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 814
As I posed in the general discussion>
https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/243033/post-and-share-your-cool-battle-replays-i-offer-to-showcase-them-on-youtube ,
I am accepting your replays of cool, interesting and fun battles and I will do battle tactics review of those replays or make them into a cinematic videos. In that thread you can read or watch a video on how to find and send me your replays.

Here I will post the finished videos on this subject.

First up, a Battle review video of a replay send to me by Matthew Wagner. It is a very cool battle featuring a box formation of units with an army without cavalry against an enemy with two balanced armies. I review the battle offering my thoughts about tactics, give tips on units and general's/hero usage in this battle and in general.

Playing Total War since the original Shogun


  • SpectorSpector Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 814
    Here is another battle review form a subscriber posted replay.

    In this video I show you a battle replay, submitted by another player to my channel, of which I do a battle review offering my thoughts about tactics, give tips on units and general's/hero/elites usage in a settlement siege, fishing village, battle with trebuchets on both sides and a three point attack. This is in Romance mode against the AI.

    Playing Total War since the original Shogun
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