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Close Combat only AI?

DKoWDKoW Registered Users Posts: 9
Is there any reason why the AI has a preference to get into close combat in this game (as well as Empire too)?

I don't not understand why the AI does this in every battle, considering they are ranged units primarily. They should act like Archers in the other games staying away from close combat, but every game I've played against the AI it keeps closing until it bungles it's way into close combat, or flat out charges.

I've tried a few mods to improve the AI, but they don't really do a lot to stop the AI from charging into combat.


  • fire_warriorfire_warrior Registered Users Posts: 6
    I haven't noticed that they have a preference, but in this era line infantry was both the missile and the mainline force. In the 18th century there was debate on the merits of better shooting versus "cold steel" - bayonet charges, and in the American War of Independence the Brits utilised this a lot as they saw the revolutionaries as rabble.

    In the game, certain units like grenadiers are there for close combat. Sure they can shoot, but will not trade well versus "cheaper" line units, but they'll wreck them in melee. Elite/guards similarly, shoot against something that won't shoot back but consider melee against line infantry. Its all about getting the best trade.

    The AI makes poor tactical decisions generally, but there are times where a shootout leads to both sides depleted whereas a charge from the right angle is the only way to get a clear victory. In Napoleon, I'd be inclined to charge line into militia rather than shoot it out as the militia will rout faster that way and save a bunch of casualties.
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