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Three Questions by a NOOB

Akat19145Akat19145 Registered Users Posts: 2
edited June 2018 in Napoleon: Total War
1. Which difficulty is the most realistic one? I mean, if I play normal will I be close to real experiences of Napoleon? Or Very Hard means Realistic?

2. Why Piedmont gives access to Austrian army in Italian campaign? Can I prevent it? If I can't, what is the point of playing Italy campaign when you have no chance to play in Very Hard? (They give access to Austria everytime. Even if protectorate.)

3.Why autoresolving is a very good example of how AI sucks?


  • SangPhamSangPham Registered Users Posts: 10
    As a newbie in this game, i can't answer (1). But in your second question, in my way, first of all, I gave Piedmont money and gifts for free to change my relationship with Piedmont from "indifferent" to "very friendly", then I just convinced Piedmont to declare war with Austria in the "relation" panel, and I give them tons of money exchange for that.
    And in the third question, I only use autoresolving if the ratio goes about 70(me)/30(enemy) in the ratio bar. If not, you have to control by yourself cuz' AI only rely on the ratio bar to decide who wins, how many soldiers lost in the battlefield, etc... And AI always tries to be as fair as possible so autoresolving battles are kinda bland because there aren't any special tactics to over the enemy.That's why you should engage in more battles to gain some of your own signature tactics and ways to win, and some good experiences.
    *My way to win the battle is trying to kill the general of general's staff asap
  • fire_warriorfire_warrior Registered Users Posts: 6
    In games earlier than Rome 2, CA added a lot more randomness to the results of autoresolve, so unless you have an overwhelming power majority, you'd best not do it. It feels like they wanted to force you to fight the closer ones. Whereas in Rome 2 you know exactly the result beforehand, more or less.
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