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All my army turn "black" when i'm far away

JojopixiJojopixi Registered Users Posts: 2
edited March 2019 in Performance & Graphics
Hello !

I have a problem with my units LOD. As soon i am a little bit far of my units, they turn "black". Some exemple with high elves

And when i'm really far away, all my army lost her color

This is a problem i don't have with total warhammer 1, with same graphic card and same graphic choices (ultra for both, even if i play on high on TW 2, i took the screenshot with both at ultra).

Exemple in TW1, when i'm far

My army have the same color than when i'm close, no strange shadow.

So is this intended? Or is it a bug from me?

Thank you very much !

PS: Maybe you guessed it, but english in not my mother tongue so i apologize for my syntax ;)


  • tomdoof206tomdoof206 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 140
    Its not just you TWW2 has had broken sprites for a really long time(since TK I think) CA really needs to fix it as it makes the game look worse than tww1 when zoomed out. If you look close they are actually little black triangle looking things so I don't think the sprite is being displayed at all, this issue has been reported for over a year and they still have not fixed it. I personally can't play the game like this it looks so bad.
  • JojopixiJojopixi Registered Users Posts: 2
    Ah ok :(

    The game is really ugly for me too, even the blood is not displaying f i'm a little bit far. TW1 was far better in term of graphisms

    Well, i guess i will wait till they fix that :(

    Ty for your answer !
  • endo646endo646 Registered Users Posts: 6
    I have the same problem with Napoleon Total War

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