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In ProgressRampant Desync Issues in Multiplayer

totalwarbugstotalwarbugs Registered Users Posts: 2
edited July 2019 in Multiplayer Bugs
Build: v1.0.0 build 9537.1673768

Detailed description: Desync occurs on virtually every "action" taken, IE, attacking someone, being attacked, passing a turn, etc. Diplomacy and kingdom management don't appear to have any issues. This began probably after the last patch if I had to guess, we played a near full campaign with myself as Gongsun Zan and him as Sun Jian and only had a handful of desyncs near the end of the game

Reproduction Steps:

P1: Ma teng start - > desync when engaging first fight - > resync - > delegate - > Desync when attacking Wudu - > Resync - > Delegate Wudu (PASS TURN)

P2: Cao Cao - > desync when engaging first fight - > resync - > delegate - > Desync when attacking Chen livestock farm - > Resync - > Delegate (PASS TURN)

Desync on Gongsun Zan


Back to P2 turn


P2 gets message that host has left the game when Gong Du attacks me, I get a desync message and everything drops

Just to see if it mattered I had him try hosting and we desynced on this same spot. We do not have mods installed and are playing on a freshly installed copy of the game. Help/insight would be appreciated.

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