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Random Crashes to Desktop after Blood Pack DLC release (SP & MP)

mikenzbmikenzb Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 4
edited June 2019 in Crashes
Build: v1.1.0 Build 10009.1688838

Detailed description:
Normal gameplay of SP or MP of 3 Kingdoms results in random crashes to desktop with no minidump files generated, the game just closes and this can sometimes happen every 5 minutes to every 2 hours but I'm not quite sure what causes it, it only started occurring when the Blood Pack DLC was released as I didn't have any problems beforehand.

I've noticed it occurs mostly during the end turn sequence for SP and MP however it can also crash when opening the Family Tree/Court or doing literally anything else in the game however it's pretty random on deciding when it will crash, this also applies if the host of the MP game (ME) is doing nothing and my co-op partner is doing something or if my co-op partner is the host, the game will still eventually crash on me.

Reproduction Steps:
* Start Three Kingdoms through Steam and Total War Launcher
* Play SP or MP (Host)
* Play for 5-120 minutes
* Experience random crash to desktop within that period

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:
* Verify Integrity of Game Files.
* Reinstalled the Game onto another drive.
* Reinstalled the Game and also deleted "AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\ThreeKingdoms" folder beforehand.
* Disabled Blood Pack DLC.
* Checked if on the newest version of Nvidia Drivers (430.86)
* Gotten friend to host MP game (Still CTD)

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  • mikenzbmikenzb Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4
    Still having this problem, sadly makes the game unplayable however I've attached a newer version of my preferences.script file if it helps with debugging.

    I'm unsure why it doesn't generate any crash dumps when the game crashes.
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