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Suggestion: Bright Wizard

eomateomat Junior MemberPosts: 943Registered Users
Hi CA. Could you add the fire attribute to the Bright Wizard’s melee attack. He uses a flaming sword and it would be great if he could have that added. He would be super OP with it but would lend a little more to his flavour. Perhaps a slight fire resistance too but ever so slight.

(PS thank you so much for the Amethyst Wizard, just really hoping for Celestial Hurricanum too.)


  • mightygloinmightygloin Posts: 1,581Registered Users
    Would make sense but doubt it would make him "super op". Fire attacks (as well as magical attacks) can be a liability as well against entities with fire resistance, and doesn't grant any bonus against units without fire weakness as far as i'm aware.

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