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Yuan shao vassalizing everyone.

KIDASKIDAS Posts: 9Registered Users
v1.0.0.0 Build 9198.1663030
Yuan shao after reaching the rank of marquis (which allows him to vassalize other factions) begins extremely quickly vassalizing factions, especially weaker ones. But also within my campaign he vassalized people like Sun Jian (who was in a 3 people coalition) aswell as his coalition members, and also kongrong (who was in my coalition). He even offered me an option to vassalize despite me owning same amount of regions as he does.
To reproduce it i think all you need to do is wait for yuan shao to get to marquis rank.


  • edaviesedavies Posts: 12Registered Users
    Dong Min did the same thing in my Liu Bei campaign... He vassalized at least 8 factions without ever going to war, even though he only held meager territory at the time. It seemed excessive even if his faction was supposedly representing the emperor.
  • DunkurtinDunkurtin Posts: 4Registered Users
    I think it has to do with which factions have excess food. Seems to be overpowered in allowing AI to vassalise each other Also had the same thing with Yuan Shao. Took all my coalition members in the space of a few turns. And later Lady Wu. She somehow vassalised Yuan Shu despite him being the only Duke at the time and having 5-6 vassals of his own and her havign none prior to taking him and all his.
    Hopefully they fix it soon, though it sucks that it's probably ruined my Liu Bei game. :[
  • ShaderbawllShaderbawll Posts: 2Registered Users
    After playing 12 hours each day since release, this is definitely the only thing that makes me hesitate going for another round. In both my Cao Cao playthrough as well as Ma Teng playthrough he vassalized half of China once he became Marquis. In my Cao Cao playthrough he was my ally and about to be crushed by Gongsun Zan and Zheng Yan, but he just vassalized them as well as 3 others from an inferior position in a single round.

    At first I had much respect for him, but he's just too strong because of that and his bonus income afterwards.

    This also seems to create all kinds of random bugs. For example, when I played as Ma Teng and took poor Emperor into my care, both Yuan Shao and all of his vassals declare war on me nearly every three turns. Once is enough.
  • ahri_krahri_kr Posts: 2Registered Users
    Yup, this is also the only issue that is killing the enjoyment of the game for me. Playing as Cao Cao, I managed to defeat Yuan Shao and his 5 vassals only because he was also distracted by Liu Bei, Kong Rong and Yuan Shu. After I subjugated Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu, Lady Wu seemed to start vassalizing everyone. She was globally ranked 4th most powerful, but she somehow vassalized Liu Bei who was ranked 2nd, and Liu Bei didn't even like her.

    80 turns or so in, I reached the rank of Emperor, but I don't think I can continue anyone... Liu Bei broke off the vassalage with Lady Wu as he was named the 3rd Emperor, but after I took the ShuHan capital, he became Lady Wu's vassal again. Not only that, Lady Wu's vassals include: Kong Rong, Ma Chao, Zhang Yan, Zheng Jiang, Liu Zhang, Liu Bei, Han Empire, Gong Du, Gongzun Zan, and 3 others which I don't remember the names.

    At this point, I'm so badly outnumbered that even if I keep beating them down, I can't replenish no where near they can. I'm hoping that this is a bug, and hope it will be fixed soon. I'm going to put the game on hold for the time being. Despite this issue, the rest of the game has been great for me thus far.
  • XionorXionor Junior Member Posts: 24Registered Users
    Same problem, everything's going fine then suddenly Yuan Shao starts vassalizing everyone and their mother from across the map.
    Not only that, but the vassals, which are across the map from me as well, ask him to declare war on me!

    Here's two saves, Gongsun Zan is right before he makes 1 vassal. Autosave, a few turns later gets 2 more vassals.

    Also it's not always reproducable.

    One turn he made 8 vassals all at once, but when I reloaded the save and did something else in the turn(engage a battle with another faction that i didnt fight the previous time) he didn't vassalize anyone.
  • easytargeteasytarget Senior Member Posts: 2,406Registered Users
    I'm not sure what the point is in my playing as Cao Cao and attempting to form a coalition when in only a couple of turns they get stolen away by Yuan Shao.

    If part of the idea in playing Cao Cao is suppose to be diplomacy and that's the way I'm playing him only to have it repeatedly thrown back in my face by the antics of Yuan Shao it gets old pretty fast.

    This feels a bit broken, and given it's all anyone is talking about, I suspect I'm far from alone in suggesting CA do something about this guy.
    This space intentionally left blank.
  • BlueLion70BlueLion70 Member Posts: 39Registered Users
    Yeah, this is getting a little ridiculous. In my current Sun Jian campaign, it's about turn 80 or so and, and Yuan Shao literally has 10 vassal factions, including Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Gongsun Zan, which are the #1, #3, and #4 factions when ranked by strength.

    And he's been offering to vassalize me literally every single turn for the last 5 years or so, which is starting to get incredibly irritating also.
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