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Balance in Mortal Empires Campaign

Parmenides02Parmenides02 Registered Users Posts: 3
First of all I apologize for my poor English, it's not my native language.
I have recently returned to play WH2 (with all the dlc), I have played three campaigns with the Wood Elves (arriving in one until turn 295).


1. Vampire Counts: (except Musillon and The Silver Host) are destroyed between turns 35 to 70.
2. Vampire Coast: they are survivors, almost always with a one settlement and one amry stack.
3. Dark Elves: The Blessed Dread they do not pass the turn 20. The other three are survivors, and eventually destroyed (after the chaos is destroyed).
4. Skavens: they are almost (except Skavenblight and Hell Pit) all destroyed before turn 40.
5. Greenskins: main facctions (Greenskins, Crooked Moon and The Bloody Handz) are destroyed at turn 50, the others are reduced to one settlement and one stack army.
6. Norsca: main facctions and other northerners of the Old World are destroyed before the arrival of Chaos.
7. Beastmen: they are there, nothing more.
8. Chaos (main faction): the first wave does not last 15 turns. Archaeon and his friends never pass the province of Kislev.


1. The Empire, Bretonnia and the Dwarfs they share the old world, and High Elves and Lizardmen share the new world.
2. All the "evil factions" they are divided, and the "good factions" they make military alliances very fast and they will confederate just as fast.
3. The autoresolve is TOTALLY BROKEN, and this is one of the reasons why the dwarves destroy all the factions, for the same reason Beastmen, Skaven, Vampies, Norsca and Chaos are annihilated.

I ask you please, try to fix this. The "Mortal Empires" campaign becomes very boring and predictable.


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