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TWW2 Random crashes to desktop

ErentrossErentross Posts: 1Registered Users
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Hello, i'm a huge fan of total war games. I've played every total war since rome 1 (except three kingdoms) and none of those total war games gave me a problem, NONE. Pretty recently i bought TWW2 and i was in love with it since i really liked the one too. For the 1st week of playing it everything was fine no bugs or crashes at all. Some time later it started to crash to desktop witout any sort of error message out of nowhere, it could have been the end of a turn, the start of a battle or the loading from the menu.I've checked my drivers and everything was fine, i cleaned the cache of steam, i've downed the graphics(even if my PC is a really really good one) it keep crashing. So i've uninstalled steam (and that was really annoying since i had a lot of pretty big games installed in my pc).After i played it again,after the steam reinstallation, it was going fine. And then the problem reappeared and i reinstalled steam again and it was fine.Now the problem returned and i'm not fine with the solution to reinstall steam just for 1 game every 1 or 2 week. This problem is more frequent on Mortal Empires but on Vortex aswell and comes out of nowhere as i said.
Now i'm going to attach everything CA needs to help me,praying to god that there is a solution. In the meantime i would want to hear you if you've ever experienced this problem and if you have found a solution other than reinstalling steam.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my buzzy english.

Game build 1.6.1
I've explained the crash up there.
Dump file (.mdmp) attached
Dxdiag file (I use directX 11 for the game if you mind) attached
Saves of my campaing (tyrion my bud) attached
preferences script file. attached
modified log file attached
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  • BatuFTWBatuFTW Posts: 3Registered Users
  • Joecarpenter188Joecarpenter188 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Any update on this? I am having the same issue
  • daliwendaliwen Posts: 1Registered Users
    I totally fix this issue, before I was crash random in to desktop, I try roll back display driver, Delete%home%/ game file as many suggest, and use drictX11, non of these works. Until I try Restoro, it is software you could download from google, I run it, and let it fix.

    It first scan my computer, and I notice these is a Micro Software that crash 15 times a day(that is probably the times I try to play the game ), and I let the software fix for me.

    Note that the scan is free, buy to fix you need licence, which cost money, you could scan it , and try to fix yourself, I did pay the money about 40 dollars per year.

    Before doing this, I searched all the relative post on the Internet, none works for me.

    Never had a single crash since then, hope this could help you.

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