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win10 x64 - Battles always CTD after 2-10 minutes w/o minidump under wide variety of conditions

CTD_throwawayCTD_throwaway Registered Users Posts: 2
Build: most current non-beta version (July 15th)

Detailed description:
As per title, I'm experiencing infuriating CTDs under a wide variety of conditions after I enter real time battles, at a seemingly random 2-10 minute interval (sometimes I'm able to complete a battle before I crash, but I've never gone longer than 10 minutes without a battle concluding OR more often a crash). I've done all the steps in the standard total war crash support guide, to no avail. I've crashed about 20 times at this point through 6 hours of game play, so it's very common.

Most recently I've crashed 4 times in a row while ambushing Huang Shao while playing as Liu Bei (quicksave). I've repeatedly gotten about 5 minutes into the battle before the crash occurs. I've played with and without 3 minor mods enabled, tried 3 different nvidia drivers, turned windows defender antivirus on and off (adding an exception for the entire folder), and with multiple preferences (windowed and non-windowed, unlimited vs not-unlimited memory, a huge slew of other various graphics options).

No minidump files or notifications are generated from the CTDs, which is frustrating.


  • miniman_obrienminiman_obrien Registered Users Posts: 18
    Weird idea - but it worked for me when I had TWTK problems - remove the 'run as admin' checkbox in the launcher found in the steamlibrary/common/totalwarthreekingdoms folder - its the directory where your steam games are located - does that help?
  • CTD_throwawayCTD_throwaway Registered Users Posts: 2
    It's not currently checked, and I'm still have the CTD problem. However, when I experimented with checking the main .exe to fix the problem I found that the launcher would consistently fail to launch the game - so I went back to having it unchecked. So clearly having that unchecked is good, but not the cause of this issue. Thanks though!
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