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Anyone got any tips on how to boost faction reliability

AgentGBAgentGB Junior MemberPosts: 180Registered Users
I'm pulling my hair out atm, in a head to head game, declared war on some Dwarven faction as Bretonnia & because the Dwarves had a empire ally whom i had a NAP with my reliability rating as plummeted to 'very low'. I'm now struggling to make trade deals with other faction despite having 100+ relations & on top of that have multiple factions declared war on me shortly after that. Been trying to rough it out for 30 turns & my reliability rating is still 'very low' . Sometimes when i open diplomacy it will show 'very high' but when i click on any other faction in the diplomacy list it will quickly revert to 'very low' before my eyes.

Any idea of what i need to do to pull myself out of this tailspin, my opponent whom is 'Dwarf' is stealing a march on me.

My plan was initially to go to war with some of the smaller dwarve factions & kill them before he could confederate them but the fact they had one ally whom i had a NAP with i think as now stalled my progress to a crawl.

Any tips, suggestion would be very much appreciated


  • dreagondreagon Senior Member Posts: 1,973Registered Users
    Not much you can do. Don't break any deals and wait.
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  • FinishingLastFinishingLast Posts: 4,145Registered Users
    This. It'd be great if there were ways to raise it, but there isn't other than time. You'd think reliability might increase if say your ally declares war or is attacked and you stand by them and join in, but nope. Just have to wait. I've had games where I never made a single pact above trade agreements and still had low reliability for 200 turns. It's fickle and sometimes very opaque.
  • Sir_GodspeedSir_Godspeed Posts: 1,817Registered Users
    Avoid treaties in general. Trade is fine. Non-aggression is usually good too.

    Unfortunately, having defensive alliances or military alliances with more than one is often a recipe for unreliability, as it can put you in a double bind.

    Beyond that, remember to wait the prerequisite number of turns before dissolving treaties.
  • VildvargVildvarg Posts: 164Registered Users
    Yeah, unfortunately you just have to be very mindful of who you have NAPs with and who their allies are before declaring war.

    I'd have to agree with Sir_Godspeed, avoid anything over trade agreements. Defensive pacts, military pacts, even vassals on the occasion will get you into hot water due to the janky nature of diplomacy and AI.

    The only thing that you could have done from the sound of it though would have been to check your targets diplomacy summary before attacking them.

    As others have said, just hang in there, bunker down, avoid any other diplomatic incidents, it'll improve eventually.
  • nachituynachituy Posts: 50Registered Users
    in the diplomacy you can check how other factions get along in terms of diplomacy , so you gouge if there is going to be a war and plan military and defensive alliances ahead
  • AgentGBAgentGB Junior Member Posts: 180Registered Users
    edited July 2019
    thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it, but yeah confirmed my worst fears, i thought as much, got sloppy with diplomacy, this latest patch threw me off a bit & haven't played in a spell (they've changed Bretonnia about abit for instance), forgot how unforgiving diplomacy is, its a pity i have to wait it out, i really do hope it isn't too long, since diplomacy does seem to have a snowball affect of when things start to go bad they tend to get worst, i really wished i knew what the background calculations are behind it, so i could better estimate the severity of this cockup or one i could potentially make.
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  • Grom_the_PaunchGrom_the_Paunch Posts: 1,385Registered Users
    Is it not a thing that your reliability will start to improve when you make peace with or wipe out the offended party? That would make some sense. Otherwise it would seem to be very arbitrary.

    Over 2000 hours in game 2 now and never figured it out. Admittedly a lot of that time was probably "afk". Now, I just never take alliances. Non aggression pacts, open borders and trade is all I need from my pals. No chance of a war I don't want.
  • Combat_WombatCombat_Wombat Posts: 4,092Registered Users
    Not much you can do but wait in your current run.

    Plan accordingly for future campaigns.
    These are the agreements you can make with the least risk of killing your reliability:
    1) Trade agreements
    2) Any and all diplomatic measures [ONLY FOR FACTIONS YOU WISH TO CONFEDERATE]

    If you can't Confederate a faction, you can still kill them and take their stuff. The easiest way to avoid diplomacy problems is to avoid diplomacy altogether.
  • HoneyBunHoneyBun Senior Member Posts: 4,619Registered Users
    The effluxion of time dear Boy ...

    They are making an FPS. Who knew a company could have a mid-life crisis ...

  • MarkerMarker Posts: 1,094Registered Users
    edited July 2019
    Scout with heroes asap to all the possible allies ( first the ones u can confederate )

    - Join the war against their enemies ( even if u can not reach those )
    - Attack or harass those enemies with heroes or lords.
    - Send small gifts until this has no more benefits in diplomacy after a number of turns.
    - Check every couple of turns if u can make new steps in diplomacy with those u are working with.
    - Work on Technologies or Skilltrees that have diplomacy boosts if possible.

    - Don't make peace to early with factions u have had a war with, even if they ask u to, it will lower your rating.
    - Don't break Treaty's too early ( usually u will get a notification that all factions condemn this. ) so keep an eye out.
    - Don't Walk across their lands with a Lord if u don't have a Military access treaty ( Only exceptions are heroes )
    - Join war if your allies are attacked, if u don't have a Treaty for very long and u break the alliance, it will lower your rating.

    to your Situation: Autosaves? so load a game a turn ago, or Save manually when u make big decisions.

    In time, your rating will go higher though, especially if u focus on the steps above.
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