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Set Item Fix?

visonarevisonare Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 19
Is there a mod to fix some of the item sets yet? Constellation comes to mind, the one with sentinel armor but the weapon is a two hander which can only be equipped by a champion.


  • Hellbreed06Hellbreed06 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Theres an unofficial patch on the Steam workshop that fixes multiple set errors along with a bunch of other stuff, its called ''Unofficial TW : Three Kingdoms Bug Patch''

  • visonarevisonare Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 19
    Ah, I missed the second version of that mod that modifies ceo_data.ccd. I did find the other version of that mod when searching but since it's made to be compatible with others/doesn't change anything in ceo_data it didn't fix the issue I was looking for. I ended up making one myself before I saw your reply that just adds the specific weapons for the broken sets as available to the classes who can equip the armor piece. I just created a new weapon group and added the item to it then added that weapon group as equipable to the class that matched the armor, whereas he changed the weapon item used by the set. I'll take another look at his mod and the other fixes hes made, thanks for the reply.
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