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Not enough movement range

OlavGGOlavGG Registered Users Posts: 2
I have been having an issue where the game says I do not have enough movement range to change my stance even though when I hover over the movement range I have left says I do have enough. For instance when I want to encamp and I have 53% movement range left I can't change to the encamp stance as the game says I do not have enough movement range even though I have 53 and 50 is needed. Does anyone know something about this? Like will they ever fix it?


  • 42konyo42konyo Registered Users Posts: 783
    It has to do with increasing movement range through skills and agents, not sure which one of those exactly but I've also had it happen in late game, here's what it looks like in my current campaign when I try to go into encampment stance with 58% movement points left:

  • OlavGGOlavGG Registered Users Posts: 2
    Ah okay thanks man, a bit unfortunate that is doesn't change this in the movement range pool. But thanks anyway

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