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Game keeps crashing only minutes into playing it.

AmericanVikingAmericanViking Posts: 3Registered Users
I've recently been having an issue with my game crashing. My brother has tried to help me fix it, but so far nothing seems to be working. We both have been looking up how to fix it, yet nothing seems to be working. I really can't figure out how to fox this, and it's starting to bother me. I want to play the game, but absolutely nothing will work. When I get into the game it will eventually freeze, then exit the game. My brother rolled back my drivers to 399.07, because the game was still crashing even on the newest drivers. I've unsubscribed from all mods that I had on, and reinstalled the game multiple times. I've verified the files through steam, which always say that it's fine, and I've even lowered the graphic to see if that worked. Nothing seems to work. Absolutely nothing. I'm getting kind of sick of it not working. It used to work fine, but I just can't get why it won't work.


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