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So when is ranked and multiplayer spam going to be fixed? Its been over 2 months and nothing.

IMpracticalLYIMpracticalLY Registered Users Posts: 52
edited July 2019 in Multiplayer
Title speaks for itself, Ranked and Multiplayer are still unbalanced, romance only and prone to same hero spam (Xu Chu). Can't attack other Emperors in Campaign once I declare myself one. Uninstalled until fixed/acknowledged. Going back to Dive et Impera. Thoughts?
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  • GerryGamer7GerryGamer7 Munich, Bavaria | GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 414
    When the patch is going official, i presume it will be 8th of august as well, it will be a very sad day for many players of the TOP twenty, because they cannot take six xu chus anymore. >:)

    Well to stay fair, our one and only numner one on the ladder is satisfied if he can take three of them and hide a Sima Yi in the farthest possible forest. let us see whether this fine individual can stay on the top with 3 xu chus only! B)

    i do not think so. i dodge him and many others anyway. but honestly it is not my job to dodge most of those terrible cheaters, but it is CAs friggin job to make a playable MP platform. I am so sick of this argument: Only 5 percent of our player base are playing MP. so darn sick. so what? do 24000 players count or not? and it is ONE line of code:

    Three different colours, three different sections, check. check! go!

    But there is hope. Our russian friends are beginning to build a community. check this thread here. with only a few lines of tuned rules this tourny will be the beginning of what i hope will become a blossoming scene instead of all of CAs efforts to ruin their own game.

    See you on the battlefield @IMpracticalLY . and all other colleagues: check this out. registration was a bit tricky, because my russian is not so good, but it worked, hurry up. cu


    No matter how negative i may sound, i love three kingdoms.
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