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Lack of a "Hide Bodies" graphical option?

TheLoneCenturionTheLoneCenturion Registered Users Posts: 16
Rome II had a graphical option added called Hide bodies, it was REALLY useful for people who didn't want battles with many reinforcing armies to turn into a slide show when looking at a massive mound of corpses.

It was useful since I don't want to have to lower my unit detail to low just to get rid of corpses.
Low unit detail makes troops LOD look like paper cutouts not to mention in Warhammer II and Three kingdoms it causes generals to look very bad in battle for some reason even when zoomed in.

So please CA I can't imagine that this is a difficult option to add, I mean you already added it all it is is removing corpses or even better make one that is a slider for body count limit.

PLEASE add it.


  • TheLoneCenturionTheLoneCenturion Registered Users Posts: 16
    edited July 2019
    If anyone could help me bring this to the attention of the Devs I would be forever grateful, the difference in frame rates is insane.

    After the thousands of units clash and die on the battlefield the game drops from 90fps down to 20 when looking at the piles of bodies.

    Doesn't matter how good my RTX 2070 is when there is thousands of extra useless bodies being rendered along with the live ones.
  • IndyprideIndypride Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,681
    I fully agree and will try to pass it along to the devs. Having the option to make bodies disappear when not looking at them would be really nice and help performance tremendously
  • TheLoneCenturionTheLoneCenturion Registered Users Posts: 16
    Thanks for the help, but yea even just the basic option would be nice.

    If they added a body count limit slider THAT would be awesome.
  • TheLoneCenturionTheLoneCenturion Registered Users Posts: 16
    Any luck on getting this added?
    I feel like it also effects at what distance animations play since I have noticed that sometimes if there are a lot of bodies in a fight unit animations start to turn into guys literally slidding around even when you are fully zoomed in.
  • AkaalEliteAkaalElite Member Australia SydneyRegistered Users Posts: 102
    Frankly, there are people who have been trying to get this sort of toggle/option for other total war in the past as well. We know CA can do it since they did it with Rome 2 with the new updates they released. Yet CA refuses to acknowledge let alone leave us a reply about this much requested feature.
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