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Scrolling in warhammer total war

Hobo_the_WiseHobo_the_Wise Registered Users Posts: 47
So I only started playing the game about a month ago, still kind of new, and although I have gotten used to this, it still bugs me.

Is it for everyone that you can't use your mouse to scroll around the map in a battle like other RTS games? from the moment I installed the game and tried my first battle I have to use WASD to move around the map, If I try to scroll with the mouse it just pans the screen around, and only in one direction also. The only way my mouse will move the camera is in the left corner of the screen which just makes the camera pan around in a circular rotation, it doesnt do the same on the right corner however which I find odd, just the left. Everywhere else on the edges of the screen, moving the mouse to the border does nothing.

I have turned off mouse scroll as having it just rotate the camera in one particular spot and only able to make it pan in one direction is pointless and annoying so I have just been getting used to using the keyboard for camera navigation.

My question is thus is this normal? Or should I try reinstalling my game? As much as I have been getting used to using the keyboard it still would be nice if I could scroll around with my mouse. Times I'm watching a reply while falling asleep or something like that it would be nice to scroll around normally without needing two hands for something as simple as camera navigation, seems like a really flawed design if it is intentional... So is this just how CA made their game? and if it is just normal and everyone experiences this, then is there no mod for mouse scroll or any other way around it?

Any input advice or help would be much appreciated.


  • wunderb0rwunderb0r Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 637
    been like this for ages ^^
  • Hobo_the_WiseHobo_the_Wise Registered Users Posts: 47
    Well as long as everyone is subject to the same phenomenon I guess.

    I am pretty much used to it by now, but still it feels like a really weird design decision when majority of RTS players are used to mouse scrolling. My first reaction was that it was almost a deal breaker for me, but luckily I stuck around to get into all the other awesome features and content in this game, which then made me get used to using the keyboard for camera movement. It still feels really clunky though and controlling the camera with the mouse would be vastly superior and a smoother experience but oh well...
  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 37,848
    No, it's not normal. Try running in windowed mode with the scroll on using your screen's native resolution.

    You should not need to reinstall the game as the game settings are in a seperate folder in Appdata that does not get cleaned out when you re-install. You just need to delete or re-name your preferences script.

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  • Hobo_the_WiseHobo_the_Wise Registered Users Posts: 47
    edited August 2019
    Ah I see, Thank you for the response, I will indeed try using windowed mode and see if it then allows me to scroll using the mouse, as for the resolution, it is already set on my screens native resolution. That was the first thing I considered and double checked to be causing a problem when I noticed that I couldnt scroll, but no matter what resolution I set it to the same issue would occur.

    I will also try removing the preferences script so that it will populate/generate a new one and see how that goes after work. I will update this thread on the results
  • Federykx99Federykx99 Registered Users Posts: 562
    Definitely not normal, mouse side scrolling here is the same as in any other RTS with an exception:

    Putting your mouse on the upper right/upper left corner of the screen makes the visual spin on its axis.

    You're encountering a problem I fear.
  • Hobo_the_WiseHobo_the_Wise Registered Users Posts: 47
    Awesome, changing to windowed mode did indeed solve the issue and allowed me to scroll as normal.

    I did end up just keeping the scroll lock on however and using the keys as I am pretty used to it now, however I'm glad that I do have the option to use mouse scroll if needs be.

    Thank you again
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