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Vampire Coast Regiments of Renown not Recruitable

KayBullKayBull Registered Users Posts: 1
I can't recruit Regiments of Renown with the Vampire Coast even though
  • I've defeated the associated enemy and have UI confirmation I've acquired a piece of eight
  • Am in owned territory and in normal stance


  • DabLifeDabLife Registered Users Posts: 2
    I'm having this same exact issue as Count Noctilus, I garrison in the Maelstrom, encamp, everything. Nothing works even though I have 2/8 pieces atm. When I hover over them it says in the tooltip that I still need to acquire the pieces of eight. Really frustrating.
  • 39821739175248623982173917524862 Registered Users Posts: 1,268
    Pretty bummed to run into this issue on my 2nd Vampire coast campaign as Luthor as well. DIdn't have it at all with Noctilus. Bug is still present. Maybe It's related to Luthor exclusively?

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