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No more Historical Total War

Red_Eye_RabbiRed_Eye_Rabbi MemberPosts: 108Registered Users
Is it safe to say truly historical Total Wars are a thing of the past? The most current (3K) is based off a work of fiction and the rumor is Troy will be the next Saga title, again another work of fiction. Will the next one be Total War King Arthur? Please CA, I love Warhammer, but that's enough fantasy for me. Please keep the two delineated, and please bring back naval warfare, I feel like I'm playing Medieval 2 all over again (and not in the good way)


  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Posts: 8,590Registered Users
    edited August 22
    Strongly Agree!

    Troy is a fiction and it was based on myth and not history.

    I wish Medieval 3 comes after 3 Kingdoms.
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