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How much BVL have the new Hunters and Price?

SirChalsSirChals Registered Users Posts: 23
I Think that if the BVL is decent, like 10-15 and the price is around 700g, that could be the better unit in the DLC.
Specially In combination with Plage of Rust, you can have your own forestal unit with no 360º but more costefective.
You can delete easy light monsters/cavallary, because its 68 hunters, with 24+10-15 BVL, if the acuracy its ok, you can do more damage than forestal to that units.
And against armored monsters/cavallary, you can use overcasted plague of rust to get -60 armor.
Also you can combine that with the huntsmen general, and lore of fire to get more flexibility. With the habilities of +30 reload skill and flame atacks, and -50 flame resistance and -48% velocity.

Im thinking about sniper builds that can appear, with huntsmen general, mage of metal (only plague of rust) and mage of fire (flame sword and firebowl), and then 2-3 units of hunters. Its not a expensive combo, and you have versatility to counter all the enemy entities armored or unarmored, depending you use the correct spells or combine both.

Against all undead factions thats brutal.


  • OdTengriOdTengri Registered Users Posts: 4,155
    Your forgetting the new Witch Hunters' accusation, -30 Armor -22% Ranged Resistance.
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  • ystyst Registered Users Posts: 6,880
    Nah cannot be 15 is ridiculous.

    Jav is 25 dmg with 15 anti

    Regular bows 19 dmg, u be looking at prolly 8 antis
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  • TennisgolfbollTennisgolfboll Registered Users Posts: 8,644
    What is the ap on them?
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  • SirChalsSirChals Registered Users Posts: 23
    I think that Hunters is 24 not 19. BVL will be betwen 8 and 10. But with 10 is similar damage like a forestal against light cavallary/monster but with more mens, cheaper and sinergies to increase a lot the damage.
    Yes, forestals are better against all and have 360, but they are expensive.
    So, you have a unit that is better than forestal to delete large units, that are the key units in the battle, because are the movility and the characters. If you remove that easy, you have the control of the battle and then you can pick the intantry by cicle charging or with your own infantry.
    And that combos are cheap, so you dont have to envlove your army in that units, its only a piece more.
    And yes, i forgot the WH
  • OdTengriOdTengri Registered Users Posts: 4,155

    What is the ap on them?

    Duno... Low. They are a non AP unit, they are probably only like 4 AP
    Give us Doombull, Great Bray-Shaman, Wargor, and Tuskgor Chariot.

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