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Any news or updates about the Old Friends content?



  • warhammerwarlordwarhammerwarlord Registered Users Posts: 168
    rad13 said:

    this isn't a CA driven initiative. It's a Games Workshop marketing idea / campaign / release, that CA are simply adding to by creating some special content for.

    I don't know how they will be added. Perhaps LLs. Or perhaps they are recruitable / unlockable / special heroes, like the Green Knight, Krell, or Lord Kroak. Not sure.

    But I'm reasonably confident that the Old Friends is a GW tie-in. Not a CA driven event. And the characters that make the most sense given the timing are G&F

    I like the way you think, but when was it the last time things that made sense to fans became a reality? :D

    Reminds me of how Malus Darkblade "made sense" a while ago..
  • rad13rad13 Member Registered Users Posts: 630
    lol, thanks. I think ;)

    The trick is to not think as a fan, but think as a company. I've a background in sales and marketing, which helps.

    To me, this has all the hallmarks of the the white dwarf tie-in.

    Also, FWIW, I also think that this is how we are eventually going to get Thanquol.
  • rad13rad13 Member Registered Users Posts: 630
    edited September 2019

    Boris will probably in some cult of Ulric DLC. I just don't he will appear in any FLC.

    I also agree with this. The omission of all the notable Ulric units from the Empire update RoR suggests they will come separately. I'd suggest that Boris / Middenland / Ulric are already pencilled in as a lord pack for game 3. Middenland and Boris has a lot more in common with the likely geography and lore of game 3. And pushing the boat out a little further, I'd suggest that we get the full Beastmen update as part of this game 3 dlc. Or, if Game 3 is still a LONG way away, we may get Ulric and Beastmen as a lord pack and game 1 faction update sometime before game 3. But I think that's less likely than them coming as a game 3 dlc.
  • zinsncabszinsncabs Registered Users Posts: 772


    Sorry to go a bit of topic but can you please pass on to the other devs that there has been a huge resurgence in people requesting a unit cap option for tww2 and possibly tww3.

    Doomstacking mid to late game is really killing the fun factor for me and alot of people as 80-90% of the army roster becomes obsolete.

    Perhaps even if you made units more expensive or slower growth that could also fix the problem.


    For the record, I’d like to see it implemented as well. It existed in TT and should be available here as an option. Some want to play with doomstacks in late game and that fine, I’d prefer to play with a cap where some units are classified as special and rare an only one or two can be fielded per army. I just think higher tier units should be elite and all units should be used by the player and the AI. Again - I want it as an option. And please, don’t mention mods - I already use them - I just would like to see CA incorporate it.

  • Cortes31Cortes31 Registered Users Posts: 976
    Gotrek and Felix?

    I like it.
    "In brightest day, in blackest night,
    No faction shall escape my sight.
    Let those who think deniers are right
    Beware my power--Faction Lantern's light!"

    Everythime a faction/race is excluded from the trilogy, these games become smaller. RIP Araby and others.
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