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A hypothecial gameplay concept for the Southern Realms

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(To see the concept for Araby see: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/249951/a-hypothecial-gameplay-concept-for-araby/p1?new=1)

1. Introduction

With the new DLC Lustria becomes quite full. And because Wulfhart comes to the new World with a colonisation plan, which was originally the hat of Estalia and Tilea, it seems difficult to include the Southern Realms (SR) in Warhammer 2.

Still I have thought about entertaining and unique ways to include Tilea, Estalia and into the vortex campaign.

This is not a wishmaking about their inclusion or an argument why they should be playable. It is just an idea of mine how a hypothetical SR faction could be played. It was created for entertaining purposes and to excite your own creativity.

Also I'm no lore purist. Total War Warhammer is an adaption of Warhammer Fantasy like the MCU is an adaption of Marvel comics. Therefore my proposed ideas may not fit the tabletop descriptions. But I tried to catch the essence of the SR.

2. Vortex campaign:

Intro Narrators Voice: War breeds Death, Suffering... and Opportunity. Riches, fortune and glory lie within this bloody business. No one knows that better than the merchants and mercenaries of Estalia and Tilea. Their Ships roam the entire world. When you already trade all kind of goods is war not just another one?

Now is a time to strike. The Vortex of Ulthuan is in peril. The Factions of the new world fight for its dominance. While they are preoccupied a new wave of soldiers stirs towards the new world. They seek riches beyond the wildest dreams. And they have a goal. The legendary vault of the Old Ones. Which treasure can be greater than one hoarded by the gods themselves?

But it will be a difficult task. Dangers lie ahead. Only the greatest of adventurers will be able to pass them. Will you be one of them?

As the intro says the main objective of the SR campaign is to find the vault of the old ones. An El Dorado-esque place filled with riches unimaginable. What else does one need for motivation?
So the Factions set sail to get there before others do.

To search for the location of the Vault the SR have to create Maps of the new world, similar to vortex resources. This shall emphasise that your faction is seeking for every small clue of the vaults position and is viciously looking under every tree and in every old tale. After a threshold is you find the position of the vault. This unlocks the first quest battle to overcome outer defences erected by the Lizardmen.

And the vault is closed. Because no force of nature can (or is willing to) open it, you need the key. No you have to search for it. After a second threshold is reached, the key is located in Lothern. This unlocks a second quest battle in which you raid Lothern to get the key. And all the other trinkets the elves have no use for.

With the key in hand the third it takes time to figure out how to use it. After the third threshold, the final quest battle is unlocked. This time the player is in the defence position and has to defend the entry while Lizardmen, who hate you for sacking their cities, High Elves, who want revenge for the raid, attack you.
After you defeated the two armies, a third stack of Chaos Warriors appears, who want to use the Old One artefacts to shatter the world and release Chaos. And maybe Skaven too because they like to kick you, when you were already hit three times.

During the last battle you could get some unique abilities, because you have access to the uppermost scratch of Old One technology to help you holding the position. And after that... Well you won, because you have the most powerful arsenal made by gods. And the more gold than anyone in the world. Yay Gold!

3. Play style:

In battle the SR have similarities to the Empire. They have a large amount of basic units, which are usable throughout the entire campaign and only have few elites. To give them a unique spin the Dogs of War Units might be recruited exclusivly by them. But many DoW Units work better as RoR versions of the basic units, e.g. Marksmen of Miragilano being the RoR of Crossbowmen.

The most unique department would be the artillery and war machine roster. Inspired by real renaissance weapons and ideas of Leonardo da Vinci.

In Addition to this two different mechanics sound like a good gameplay mechanic to me.

1. Mercenary system: It is possible to recruit basic units, e.g. dwarf warriors, errant knights etc. via a global recruitment system of each faction you have a non aggression pact with. The cost reduces further and better units become available with each relation level like defensive and military alliances.

2. Auxiliary system: Able to recruit basic units of each faction, if they control the a region or province belonging to that faction. The SR are colonial powers in the New World and almost every colonial power recruited native troops. The Spanish employed enemies of the Aztecs during their conquest, Indian soldiers fought in Europe during both WW etc.

This system might be better than the mercenary system, because through it exotic DoW units like Albion or the Amazons, which are to small to be their own faction, can be included.

A hybrid version is also possible, which functions similar to the auxiliary/mercenary system of Rome 2.

Unique stands:

Fortify: Increases replenishment. If attacked the battle takes places on a fort map. Because colonial powers used forts very often to secure their new frontiers and Tilea is famous for their forts.

Unique Maps:

Fort Map army: a wooden Fort, as seen in other total war games

Fort City: A stone fort next to a city. Instead of having a wall to protect, the SR use modern star shaped forts with cannons to fortify their cities. To loot and sack the city, an army has to take the fort first.

4. SR unit List:

While I took inspirations from the DoW, the main goal was to create a broad rooster usable by all SR factions. In addition it will include some units inspired by real life renaissance units and ideas.


Borgio the Besieger: (A bull of a man wielding a mace made out of a cannonball)

Lucrezia Belladona: (Wizard Lord, Lore may vary)

Mercenary Captain: (Melee oriented lord, maybe Duellist)

Paymaster: (Buffer Lord with short-ranged pistol attack. Buffs have the same effect to prayers or runes but with a more grounded background. E.g. Bounty increasing the combat abilities because the soldiers get paid for each head they “collect”)


Hired Wizard: (Wizard with Lore of Metal, Fire and Heavens)

Templar of Myrmidia: (Buffer Hero with fire and magical attacks)

Military Engineer: (Musket armed Hero with ability to throw grenades, helps ranged units and artillery)


Spear citizen militia: (low tier, spear /shield unit)

Pike citizen militia: (Low tier, pike unit)

Pikemen: (mid tier, standard pike unit)

Republican guard: (high tier, standart pike unit)

Swordsmen citizen militia (low tier, sword/shield unit)

Duellists: (dual wielding mid tier anti infantry unit)

Sewage guard: (High morale, high melee defence unit high tier unit. Throw grenades at short range. Fighting against the pesky Skaven constantly)

Swordbuckler Men: (mid tier, medium armored, sword/shield unit)

Strike Hammer unit: (mid tier, medium armoured, anti armour infantry. Uses a one handed realistic version of a war hammer plus shield)

Paymasters retinue: (support unit similar to grail reliquiae. Increases morale and melee attack/defence, because the Chest they protect contains the payment of the soldiers. May or may not be empty. But no one would tell that the men)

Ranged Infantry:

Militia Crossbowmen: (low tier crossbowmen)

Pavise Crossbowmen: (armoured and/or shielded crossbowmen with increased range)

Adventurers: (mid tier range-melee hybrid. Uses bow and sword/shield)

Acrebusiers/musketeers: (longer range, more accuracy than hand gunners, armour piercing)


Citizen lancers: (low tier low armour shock cavalry unit)

Broken lancers: (mid tier armoured shock cavalry unit)

Noble lancers: (High tier heavily armoured shock cavalry unit)

Myrmidian riders: (High tier cav. with flaming attacks)

Conquistadors: (High tier cavalry unit. Fires a salvo of hand guns before charging in)

Mounted crossbowmen: (mid tier ranged unit)

Carabineers: (mounted riflemen, mid tier ranged unit)

Artillery and war machines:

Light cannons/culverine: (lowest cannon tier version)

Bombard: (Long range, anti large cannon)

Ribault/monster Ribault: (Multi barrelled short ranged cannon to shred everything in front of it)

Birdmen of Catrazza: (Flying crossbowmen)

Aerial chariots: (Leonardo da vincis version of an helicopter. Fires arrows and drops flaming charges. Lower armour than gyrokopters but faster. Soldiers use the simple name, because the technical term is to long.)

Sky Galleon: (A zeppelin like mobile artillery plattform. Zeppelins are very vulnerable, because they need a baloon to float)

Tank/cannon chariot: (similar to Leonardo da Vincis version of a tank. Armoured, 360 degree artillery unit. Strongest land unit for SR)

Scythed chariots: (Also one of Leonardos Inventions. A horse pulled chariot with for rotor blades in front of them cutting down everything)

Auxiliary Units:

Albion giant: (A giant. From Albion.)

Swamp monster: (Monstrous infantry, magical attacks)

Truth sayer (Hero): (Wizard, Lore of Shadows, Light)

Amazon warriors: (Melee oriented, lightly armoured units which deal magic damage, because of old one artefacts used as weapons. Play similar to wardancers)

Amazon jaguar warriors: (Anti large, lightly armoured, quick spear units, similar to war dancers with spears.)

Amazon piranha warriors: (Ranged poisoned units. Uses blowpipes and or bows)

Great apes: (A unit of armoured Gorillas for the rule of cool. Monstrous infantry. The basic model, animation of gorebeast from the gorebeast chariots can be used)

Serpent priestess (Hero): (Wizard, Lore of Life, Death)
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