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The good, the bad and the ugly! About the latest content and patch.

Deep_echo_soundDeep_echo_sound Posts: 447Registered Users
The good!

1. Gotrek and Felix for free, at the cost of marketing budget, is just excellent! As long, as delay will not be more than 1 month, this is the best way to spend marketing budget. New free content!
2. New content, as being said, and some changes, like Nakai confederation - are great.
3. Huge work on patch improvements and bug fixes are adorable.
4. Empire rework sounds absolutely top-notch. Light years improvement over release in game 1.
5. New stats distribution making veterancy equally impacted by attack and defense is beautiful! Previously high defense units were always better later.
6. Change to arbalests are long awaited and in very good direction. More A.P. per arrow, but slower fire rate. Beautiful one!
(This is not nerf as some think, but a good buff in campaign!! +25 or +50 cost is great deal for better A.P. missile damage. Finally, thank you!)

7. Many other units and abilities had been changed in a good way!
8. New, useful exorcism!

Other than that, we do not know yet, if you will buff dread saurian and add +1 lore to slann mage-priests in campaign.

The bad.

Mostly about balance.
1. No state about all summons free from "army is full" condition restriction. As being said, now this is totally bad and redundant with hard timer, degradation, number of uses limit. Top priority in this section.
2. It seems like some bugs are still not fixed. Like a gate bug.
3. No real compensation for lore of vampires "invocation of Nehek" nerf and vampire counts units specifically. Very sad for vampire counts campaigns.
4. Nerf to waywatchers other than cost. Cost if fine. Low stats are bad.
5. And specifically for just one generic spell. "Shem’s burning gaze" not stated to be fixed. Unbelievably inaccurate spell. The worst magic missile in the game. And hierotitans forced to use them.
6. "Deliverance of Itza" continuing nerf. Please, add skill in campaign, for the lord Kroak, to up its damage by, say, 25% A.P., if you want him to be balanced for multiplayer, strangely.

The ugly.

Ladies and gentlemen - the one the only!
All foot lords and heroes still do not have absolute immunity to fly and knockdown! Even in the face of foot lords exclusive new content packs.
And total ignoring at direct questions about when this will be changed. No communication from C.A. at this topic.


  • FinishingLastFinishingLast Posts: 4,151Registered Users
    Good points all around though I don't think all foot lords should have absolute immunity to knockdown. It should be much higher and for a number of well known melee lords it should be absolute, but a wizard like Gelt should not have knockdown immunity for example.
  • rafantomasrafantomas Posts: 649Registered Users
    Some foot lords should have anti knockdown, not all. Theres a mass increase for dwarf lords and grimgor. +600
  • Deep_echo_soundDeep_echo_sound Posts: 447Registered Users
    They should. If mage on horse absolutely immune, no way she or he is a rag doll on her/his legs. Horse is just basic animal, but these mages and warriors are supernatural heroes.

    (Like archer hero, warrior hero and mage hero.)
    Legolas, Gimli and Gandalf on foot far more resistant to hits, agile and superheroish than on horseback.
    In game, we just need fair equality. Absolute fly and knockdown immunity for all lords and heroes.

    And guys, once and for all remember: mass will not help. Grimgor has 2000 mass, Nakai - 2700. Watch youtubers and see how they fly and fall continuously.
    C.A. need to implement completely new skeleton maybe? As rumors say. With new animations and behavior. Like giant falls down when hit sometimes, but necrofex colossus and bone giant, as I know, - never. And this is right!
    All lords and heroes must use new, fixed animations, skeletons, whatever. In the end - they are completely different group to basic infantry. This must be represented in the game.
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