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How are you enjoying your campaign?

FonRestorffFonRestorff Registered Users Posts: 521

How are you enjoying your campaign so far? Is the experience different from what you are used to?


I ended up picking Marcus and what a ride it has been so far. Complete chaos with uprisings, invasions and war on all fronts. I'm taking and losing settlements right and left. Perhaps I should have taken it slower but with the vampirates, Gor Rok and Orcs all closing in on me I felt like I had to wipe some of them out. Now Luthor is even more dead thna before.

Really intense campaign and I like the new mecanics. Getting those sweet reinforcements is really critical for survival. I feel more like I'm being hunted than a hunter however. And those ****** ancient kroxigors! They move like lawnmovers through my troops. Two units of halberds got stomped on in a matter of seconds. I haven't hated a lord like that since Throgg.

Now - back to the game to have my vengeance on that krox!!!


  • warhammerwarlordwarhammerwarlord Registered Users Posts: 178
    Same, but I like the challenge. So far enjoyable campaign.
  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,088
    edited September 2019
    Playing Legendary/VH with Wulfhart in the Vortex. Just done a few turns. Haven’t taken the first settlement to complete the province yet.

    Had to restart twice because I underestimated how hard the first battle and then also the taking of the settlement is. Now I’ve recruited for two turns and will assualt it next turn.

    I love the colours of Wulfhart’s faction. There’s something about those reds/oranges that makes me feel like a Spanish Conquistador.

    Not much to say as it’s only been what, three turns? Looking forward to getting a hold of one of the Hunters.

    Also @_Mad_D0c_ . I named the first city Neu Flensburg. Originally I had planned to call it New Marienburg but I saw Italian Spartacus name it that in a stream and didn’t want to feel like a copy cat. Probably going to name the second settlement something like Fort Holger (Danske)/Tordenskjold/Danica xD.
    Lord of the Undermountain and your friendly neighbourhood giant (Dwarf)
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  • Rolf1989Rolf1989 Registered Users Posts: 546
    Wulfhart here too, it's been fun, but surprisingly easy. Seems like I've just been lucky though, Savage orcs are dominating the Lizardmen and have ignored me. Been completing hero quests and just took The Awakening. Somebody has destroyed their armies so I just strolled in.
    Nakai died too before I even met him, too.
    Now I have to go to sleep :-/
  • FonRestorffFonRestorff Registered Users Posts: 521
    Glad to hear you enjoy it! My band is releasing our new ep tonight so I’m a bit tipsy to say the least. Leading Wulfharts troops while smelling like a rat drowned in a barrel of bugman’s is a great challenge indeed.
    No better way to celebrate than total warhammer though!
  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 14,927
    I'm enjoying the new provinces with Isabella and Vlad. Makes Stirland much more of an interesting prey.
    Furthermore, I consider that Daemon Prince must be removed.
  • Rheingold#6691Rheingold#6691 Registered Users Posts: 1,561
    Wulfhardt has been absolutely awesome so far. Love the mechanics. Really feels like a fledging colony which needs support from the mainland. Hard difficulty, 25 turns in and it’s been tense. Touch and go at times. Problem is Nakai declared war on me within first 10 turns. A couple of turns later damn vipers declared war. It’s been tough.
    Main problem is you are surrounded by enemies literally, and the bonus 25% damage they get for hostility means they hit really hard.
  • CountTalabecland#2471CountTalabecland#2471 Registered Users Posts: 1,091
    Markus, huntsman, and archers are broken. They can’t find an arc of fire and now run into melee combat. Just like how black powder units used to.
  • Fraxure022#6966Fraxure022#6966 Registered Users Posts: 146
    I am very much enjoying the glut of fresh prey that has recently entered my jungle. Nakai feeds, and the Old Ones are pleased.
  • sCorsCor Registered Users Posts: 166
    Started my campaign as Karl Franz and got about 20 turns in so far. Here are some highlights:

    - Fighting the secessionists has become much harder due to the fortress they own now. Had to lure out their garrisons with ambushes to stand a chance. The actual fortress map was also really fun to fight on.

    - I had two events where electors asked for my help against invaders. One time it was Norsca the second time it was the beastmen. The beastmen razed the town from talabecland, hochland swooped in and took it but all the sudden talabecland asks me to intervene to return the settlement to them. Very cool!

    - Last thing I had happen was Middenland attacking Nordland. Nordland asked for my help, I joined them and with Middenlands forces distracted the goblins from the black pit have emerged to pillage middenland.
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