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This DLC Feels like it has 1.25 Lords



  • TheShiroOfDaltonTheShiroOfDalton Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 34,001
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    And once again you fail to understand what I mean. why do you keep equating him having good unique mechanics to him being OP? why do you assume that just because I praise his campaign that I think its perfect or that its the best version that it can possibly be?

    Its funny how loads of people on the forums complain about large posts and yet if you dont explain every little tiny detail then the thread devolves into a catastrophe of no one understanding what anyone even means.

    No, I take exception to you calling the Skryre workshop "deep". A mechanic you don't need to ever pay attention to is not a "deep" mechanic. You answer reads as if you didn't even bother to take one look at my argument, that's how off it is.
  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,088


    Except that Tehenhauin's faction doesn't get buffs to skinks, only he does.

    why does everyone keep equating depth to difficulty?

    Would you really prefer that CA gave us more Queek campaigns than Ikits in terms of depth of mechanics? Queek has no deep or unique mechanics at all, hes just part of the vortex.

    I have eyes and a brain. Thus I have no problem realizing that Ikit has a more engaging and impressive mechanic than Queek does. And I’d of course prefer the more choices and complexity that they can throw at us.

    The Sacrifices to Sotek give factionwide buffs to all units and one specifically to Skinkazoids. Which serves to buff low tier units.

    But like I said I still reject that it is established fact that Tehenhauin’s campaign has nothing on Ikit’s. Because it simply and evidently isn’t true.
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  • KronusXKronusX Registered Users Posts: 2,464
    Please, tell me you are not SERIOUSLY complaining about Empire getting a revamp. They have in a bad position for 3 freaking years. Poor lizardmen, they are lackluster despite the fact that 2 of the DLCs had content for them and also they are a newer faction with nice mechanics and such.
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416
    KronusX said:

    Please, tell me you are not SERIOUSLY complaining about Empire getting a revamp. They have in a bad position for 3 freaking years. Poor lizardmen, they are lackluster despite the fact that 2 of the DLCs had content for them and also they are a newer faction with nice mechanics and such.

    I'm not, I'm pointing out that the revamp was so big that it clearly took time and resources away from the DLC and as a result the DLC is lop sided. If they needed more time they should have taken it.

    I'm very happy with the empire rework.
  • SeanJeanquoiSeanJeanquoi Registered Users Posts: 3,416
    edited September 2019

    So Tehenhauin has multiple unique mechanics exclusive to him as a lord? and he specialises in using 6 really good units?

    Ikit has the nuke, a whole host of unique upgrades that make visual and gameplay changes and he specialises in the Doomwheel, Doom Flayer, Warpfire Thrower, Jezzails, Rattling Gunners and Globadiers.

    Tehanhauin has a lacklustre sacrifice mechanic and focuses on skink Javalins and Red Crested Skins....and his other lords don't even get the same benefits as him, yet they do get the same penalties as him.

    I'm not saying Tehenhauin's campaign is terrible or unplayable. I'm not saying Ikit being to strong is a good thing. not saying you cant like the Cult of Sotek or that they're not fun to play.

    What I am doing is pointing out something that should be blatantly obvious. Ikit's campaign got more love and set a new standard for what new lords can be like in terms of their theme and mechanics.
  • RikRiorik#9890RikRiorik#9890 Registered Users Posts: 12,088
    edited September 2019
    Keep in mind, my original post was to comment that I thought the whole premise of Tehenhauin's campaign having nothing on Ikit's was wrong.

    @SeanJeanquoi . The multilayered Workshop is undoubtedly good. It allows for the construction of the nuke, the gathering of raw material through agent actions and battles, the upgrading of units, the supplying of items/followers and the unlocking of Regiments of Renown. And the nuke of course is it’s own super destructive thing.

    Tehenhauin gets the Sacrifices mechanic which does much of the same. It only allows for the gathering of materials through battles or Tehenhauin’s passive gains skill, it doesn’t upgrade units but buffs them and armies temporarily instead, it supplies followers/items, unlocks Regiments of Renown and then also has the Great Serpent thingey army ability at the top. It’s no nuke mind you. It also supplies you with a range of campaign map buffs.

    I think they are comparable in terms of complexity albeit not in terms of power they unlock. Certainly not as different as to warrant describing Tehenhauin’s campaign experience having nothing on Ikit’s. Unless you simply just enjoy Ikit’s power trip. The main thing is that Ikit's is dressed up in a nicer UI. And even so I know Ikit has the nuke and all but even if not technically part of the DLC Tehenhauin has access to the Kroakazoid.

    Also there's the Prophecy of Sotek part of Tehenhauin's mechanic (maybe that's the same as the Warpforge level?). Given I have no clue what it does in it's latter stages as it failed to unlock for me in my Cult of Sotek playthrough as I had strategically killed off all Skaven before starting the world war. But that's also something, which has implications for the campaign and serves to make things interesting.

    I'm not sure what you mean with the whole unit shebang. Tehenhauin himself for his own army directly buffs physical resistance for all units and then has special skills to increase the capabilities of Chameleon Skinks, Javelin Skinks, non Javelin Skink Cohorts, Skink Skirmishers, Red Crested Skinks and Bastiladon's with the Ark of Sotek. Albeit only in his own army. The same units though (just not the Ark of Sotek) can also be extra buffed by the speciality skills of Red Crested Skink Lords. On top of that there is the Rite which Tehenhauin can use that also buffs the same units (again just not the Ark of Sotek) but also Terradon units.

    Ikit has moved all of his extra speciality unit buffing to within the forge instead of having it as part of the skill trees.

    I really just think you have your blinders on or just don't remember Tehenhauin's campaign, if you think there is this massive difference between the two in terms of complexity of mechanics. They are different yes in both function and to a lesser degree effect but one isn't a clock filled with intricate cogs where the other is a caveman's club. I can't personally for the life of me get into Ikit and generally think he is a boring character. I also think the Forge works to just make better that which is already good even better in almost absurd ways which isn't necessarily good or bad and certainly doesn't indicate any supposed love and standards set but it bores me personally even more. I mean there are buffs for all units in Tehenhauin's mechanics too but the bigger buffs resides with the Skinks. But I still think the mechanics are comparable even though I enjoy Tehenhauin's vastly more.
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