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skaven vs dwarf lord pack suggestion, The Slayer and the Seer suggestions and details.

chosen_of_areschosen_of_ares Registered Users Posts: 9
Dlc suggestion "the Seer and the Slayer"

my idea for an eventual game 1 vs game 2 lord pack

factions: Skaven vs Dwarfs

legendary lords: grey seer Thanquol(skv), Malaki Makaisson(dwf)

new units(skv)

Grey Seer Thanquol- a proficient Skaven caster with access to a combination of both ruin and plague(up to yall how to split that) but definetly the dreaded thirteenth spell with 1-2 extra casts of it(hopefully with a rework that makes it a good spell) and a couple ablities, one of them definetly being a warpstone ingestion that gives him huge magic recharge and - all his cooldowns and refreshes his vigour, this ability should be 5 times for battle in mp(campaign stuff will make him have more uses)but also have a miscast chance.he should have both Skaven lore attributes, and the blessing of the horned rat, a high ward save ability that recharges when out of melee. his items will be the staff of the horned one which gives him a bound dreaded 13th spell, and the warp amulet, a once per battle ability that regens hp over 10 seconds(just enough to make a brave retreat). lastly his mount, the enormous albino rat ogre named boneripper. thanquol himself is no fighter, his best ability being to dodge blows

Giant Rats- these are just rat warhounds, they won't be flashy but they will be great for a faction that lacks in mobility, very fast, maybe a poison variant.

Poison Wind Mortars- this weapon team would be around ten 2 Skaven teams, relatively mobile, and medium-range, with fire on the move from tabletop at least, depending on ca's interpretation of how poison works either a debuff and low amour piercing or if they interpret it like globieders then almost all ap damage. this is a weapon team and would be very squishy to everything.

Stormfiends- its 2 rat ogre variants with weapon systems on their arms warpfire throwers and rattling guns, theyd also have some amour, maybe around 70 the same as jesails. they wouldn't be as dangerous from range as either of the weapon teams due to low model count, in exhange they would have rat ogre speed and combat stats, with perhaps fewer models than even them. there would be another variant, a melee variant with magic attacks and 80 amour

these units don't belong to any, one Skaven clan, they fill units from three of the four major clans, this is due to Thanquol not being of any of them, but using all the tools of strong/sure Skavendom yes-yes.

new units(dwf)

Malaki Makaisson- an engineer whos creations malfunctioned and killed a dawi, Makaisson took the slayers oath for his shame. He is unbreakable like all Slayers with 0 amour, and does anti large amour piercing damage in melee with his trusty cog hammer. Makaisson is also an engineer however, and uses that skill set in his slaying as well, wielding his personal trollhammer torpedo from range(featured in the Gotrek and Felix book dragonslayer). Makaisson keeps the memory of his mistakes fresh in his mind, and the rage they cause him give him abilities, his sunken ironclad the Unsinkable gives him temporary aquatics and adds melee defense, where his destroyed airship the Indestructible gives him extra speed and weapon damage. He also has the entrenchment and extra powder abilities from the master engineer. Makaisson has never stopped inventing, and this is clear through his mounts, a gyrobomber with the improved bombing of the skyhammer, and his own invention special war machine the goblin hewer. His personal prototype he crews by himself.

Dragonslayer- a slayer hero who is Gotrek lite.

Goblin Hewer -a mechanized rapid-fire ax thrower, which would have the suppression contact effect, do amour piercing and arc over friendly units the way throwing ax projectiles do in total war. It would have an unbreakable crew of slayers (a small amount of them just as easily knocked off their equipment as all artillery crews), that launch huge ap axes into enemy units, probably best vs armored infantry and cavalry as their shots would be inaccurate vs single entities.

Doomseakers -a small unit of slayers(unbreakable, 0 amour, deathblow) with ax heads on the ends of whips, think of aspiring champions in terms of model count hp and splash attacks, ideal for supporting dwarf warriors against low armored units, however their low hp and amour means that on their own they will take a lot of enemies with them, but most certainly find what they seek. The only unit of slayers with a bounas vs infantry instead of large.

Irondrakes(Drakefire pistols)- this is a quarreler size unit of Irondrakes, wielding a combination of az and Drakefire pistol, they have 120 armor, and flaming missile attacks that have short range and do best against low armored targets. This unit is also a hybrid melee unit that is very tanky with high melee defense and decent melee attack, they can also fire while moving.

Campaign mechanics, I may flesh these out at a later date but in short Malaki Makaisson should be a horde who starts at a random spot of the map every time, he should level up his airship, the spirit of grugni, and have absurd campaign movement range, since his army is literally flying around the map, he should gift settlements he captures to dwarven or human factions. Thanquol id also like to start in a random place each time but it is a randomly Skaven controlled non-ll start settlement, he should have to manage his relations to the various clans and his end goal should be a seat on the council of 13.

Why this DLC makes sense- 1. Thanquol and Malaki Makaisson have interacted in the lore, Thanquol has tried to steal Malaki Makaissons airship on several occasions. 2 now that Gotrek and Felix are in the game these characters who make large appearances in their book series make sense as well, and could interact with both of them quite often.
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  • chosen_of_areschosen_of_ares Registered Users Posts: 9
    one thing i forgot, is to give master engineers gyrocopter mounts, even if its not a unique model just give us hero gyrocopters
  • M3HowM3How Registered Users Posts: 120
    "Shield" mount for foot lords!!

    Instead of Demon Slayer hero/Lord go for War Mounrer with buffs for Anti large.

    Mount for Malakai Makaisson "Spirit of Grugni", basically flying equivalent of Dread Saurian with lots of fire power but requires defending. Able to summon 2 units of gyros through battle?

    Rune Lord LL Thorek Ironbrow with snipe ability like on hammer from Demon Slayer book or some sort of aoe "spell" while on his Anvil of Doom. Less buffs for def and more for attack as he's better fighter than standard Rune Lord and we already have def buffs for dwarfs. (attack rune buffs would make melee armies more spicy and more fun it may even make not box'ing a viable strat)

    Instead of Smoke bomb and Helm of Zhufbar as it is give Gromby vanguard and buff for miners when picked with him that unspotable like rangers while vanguarded. Probably too OP but would allow for more option and more strategies for Dawi.
    For Helm of Zhufbar let it give a "primal instinct" kind of buff for 2-3 nerby units while in a pinch.
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  • eumaies#1128eumaies#1128 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 9,454
    Pretty awesome ideas, nice post! I like the rat ogre weapon team ror.
  • chosen_of_areschosen_of_ares Registered Users Posts: 9
    M3How said:


    Mount for Malakai Makaisson "Spirit of Grugni", basically flying equivalent of Dread Saurian with lots of fire power but requires defending. Able to summon 2 units of gyros through battle?

    <blockquote class="Quote"

    I considered this but found that it would be an absolute nightmare to balance in multiplayer, so I would make it his horde settlement like the vampire coast ships, with gyro summons, bombing runs, and bombardments and reinforcement drops usable in campaign battles, and his model on the campaign map. I do love the spirit of grungi but feel it’s too much for a game where balanced multiplayer is my main concern, although I really think that a horde with a randomized start position would be super fun and replayable. Thanks for the feedback. Thorek ironbrow or josep bugman would be my reccomendations for the accompioning flc lords, alongside throt the unclean for the skaven.

  • BossHumbertBossHumbert Registered Users Posts: 11
    Honestly, even if it is a bit silly, I'd love to see the Skaven Warlords and Dwarf Lords get their respective war-litter and shieldbearer mount options. Just for that extra bit of fun.
  • tzurugbytzurugby Registered Users Posts: 275
    You had me at artillery crewed by Slayers <3
  • BossHumbertBossHumbert Registered Users Posts: 11
    edited September 2019
    I have an alternative idea, though it may be a challenge to implement. What do you think of this?

    Instead of a lord, they could try to add Makaisson as a Legendary Hero, and whatever army he is embedded in would utilize the Spirit of Grungni as you describe. The faction by itself wouldn't be a horde, but the ship would be like a flying Vampire flagship. (or a flying Black Arc if not embedded) He could be recruited by any Dwarf faction but the new DLC faction starts with him.
    I've been working on a pitch for this faction myself, I'm tentatively calling them the Karak Zorn Expedition or Burloksson's Expedition, for Grim Burloksson, the lord I'm pushing for. The name is a bit too close to the Huntsmarshal's Expedition, but I still feel like the name has a nice ring to it.

    I'm thinking of making a full post of my own with more details after getting all of my thoughts organized, but how does this sound to you?
  • chosen_of_areschosen_of_ares Registered Users Posts: 9
    I wanted malaki for his ability to be a random start horde it’ll be super cool.
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